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The TTC embraces transparency—and (hopefully) punctuality with new scorecards

(Image: screenshot from TTC website)

The TTC has introduced a daily online report card (the next phase in an information blitz that also includes this charmingly low-budget video explaining what the heck is going on at Queen and Spadina). In the scorecards, the agency breaks down the percentage of vehicles that were on schedule the day before and awards itself cheery green checkmarks for hitting its targets. “Since we had [the data], we thought we’d might as well put it up,” the agency’s chief customer service officer Chris Uphold told the Toronto Star. We like the move towards transparency, but this exercise has a whiff of PR about it—the type of calculated, hey-look-we’re-totally-accountable move that Andy Byford previously reached for with his CEO title, monthly reports and scathing letters to employees. Still, if it boosts the chances of buses and trains arriving on time, we’re all for it. [Toronto Star]

  • M

    Has a “whiff of PR?” Why else would anyone create this if it wasn’t for PR? Transparency is good PR

    Kudos to them for doing the video and glad it is “charmingly low-budget.” If the video were high budget, people would complain they spent money they don’t have on it

  • peachy

    this is a good step forward. get it all out front.

    the subways arent quite swiss but better than i thought and i think they are good. buses dire, ttc buses make london bus network seem high-functioning.

  • W. K. Lis

    The next step would be to break them down to individual routes.

  • joey

    I guess they don’t count delays, only regular service.

  • dittomuch

    Well 4 reports in and the TTC isn’t doing so good. Streetcars have yet to show a green light, subways failed more than half the time, only a single bus success. Really if not for escalators and elevators the TTC would yet to have passed the 50/50 threshold. And that is already at the low expectation of 65% for busses and 70% for streetcars. If this is a PR move it is a bit of a disaster.