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Is Adam Vaughan slowly morphing into Rob Ford?

(Images: Christopher Drost)

Right-wing mayor Rob Ford and leftist councillor Adam Vaughan don’t agree on much. But the mayor’s former press secretary Adrienne Batra is floating an interesting theory in her latest Toronto Sun column: Vaughan and Ford have more in common than their mutual desire to win the 2014 mayoral election. The councillor’s recent attacks on the mayor remind Batra of Ford’s days as an angry, dissenting Etobicoke councillor with a penchant for hatchet jobs. She writes that “Vaughan, under the Ford Administration, has become exactly who then Councillor Ford was, under the Miller Administration—the official opposition.” (Vaughan even appeared on NewsTalk 1010, Ford’s media outlet of choice, to remind listeners of Fordian scandals like the 911 call and the Daniel Dale debacle.) Batra suggests that if Vaughan keeps up the attacks, he’ll earn the same rap for distracting sideshows that he’s trying to pin on the mayor. Which we would fully believe if Vaughan had a loudmouth elder brother also involved in local politics. Read the entire story [Toronto Sun] »