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Rob Ford says a TTC driver “accosted” him for doing something perfectly legal

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Rob Ford’s dislike of streetcars had until now mostly been limited to speechifying and pamphlets on LRT crashes, but now he’s quarrelling with the drivers themselves. Last week, a TTC driver told union reps that Ford motored past the open doors of a stopped streetcar on Dundas West, breaking the rule that cars must stay two metres behind any open streetcar door. Ford and the driver allegedly exchanged a few choice words, prompting Ford to call TTC head Andy Byford to complain (it’s against TTC rules for operators to leave their seats to confront drivers). Today, Ford made a rare visit to the city hall press gallery and gave a bare-bones summary of his side of the story: “The back door shut, I went past the back doors, the front doors were open, the front doors were still open and the driver came out and accosted me.” If that’s true, we’d almost feel sorry for Ford—if he didn’t have his own history of accosting strangers while enraged. [Globe and Mail]

  • Mike

    How in the world did this guy ever get voted in as mayor?!?!? He’s been nothing but an embarrassment to this city since the day he took office. Does anyone actually take him seriously?!? Please go away!

  • Rob the Unbelievable

    We no longer believe much of what Rob Ford says, this situation included.

  • Miranda

    What did such a great city do to deserve such embarrassment?
    Make him go away!!

  • Steve

    It took him all weekend to cook this story up.

  • Fed Up

    Surely there must be some ways to recall or impeach Rob Ford! Just tell me where to sign!

  • david newman

    The article states two meters distance… it sounds like he did not keep the distance from what Ford even says if you take a distance from the front doors . Never liked him never will.

  • Johndot

    I’ll put money on the back doors were shut, but the red lights were still on, since the front door was still open.

  • John

    In fact, the Highway Traffic Act states that cars must stop 2 metres behind any streetcar that has stopped to let on/off passengers, whether those doors or open or not. The rule allowing Rob Ford to pass a closed rear door when the front door remains open is a figment of Rob Ford’s imagination.

  • kevin

    He is just a buffoon, plain and simple. He is a total embarinsment to Toronto, Ontario and Canada. He does not represent me in anyway form. Can’t we just find a way to get rid of him and send him off to buffoon land.

  • Megan Hutton

    What kind of world class city gives free rein to these two morons, Rob and Doug Ford? Now they have a radio show where they promote their own agendas? Toronto is now being noticed for these two idiots rather than the good things we have to offer. Is this what we wanted?? Everyone who supported Gay Pride needs to come out and vote against him in the next election!

  • Betina

    i still cannot believe that 2 of my friends voted for this guy

    he is an a skidmark upon the city i moved to from london uk a few years ago



    what a dick

  • Chalbe

    Make IT go away….

  • W. K. Lis

    If Rob Ford allegedly does something illegal or against the rules, the person reporting on him or confronting him gets into trouble.

  • 4D Nation 4EVER

    the taxpayers want subways! They came up to him at the mall and told him they want subways. World class cities! GRAVY TRAIN! Taxpayers.

  • M.Mueller

    My heart aches for the City of Toronto…This guy is a joke and is totally using his so called power to run his own show..Hasnt he embarrassed your city and people enough? How much longer is his term? Hopefully he is out by 2014 when World Pride is there..uggh

  • JoeTory

    Poor Rob Ford gets victimized yet again. He’s always the victim of plots and insults and mockery, just because he’s fat. That TTC driver IS IN A UNION, but you expect me to believe Rob Ford did something wrong when he clearly states he was doing everything right, like he always is?

  • Margaret

    Nobody believes Fords story on this. No body “accosted” you. Be a man. You do something wrong, you say sorry and move on. Don’t make up a story.

  • sugarsugar

    lets just keep upping his sodium intake. who steps in after our pink-faced mayor steps down?

  • Michael

    The TTC has a camera on the front of the car and at the rear doors. Why don’t we take a look at what happened and shut this Mayor up once and for all.