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Rob Ford says a TTC driver “accosted” him for doing something perfectly legal

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Rob Ford’s dislike of streetcars had until now mostly been limited to speechifying and pamphlets on LRT crashes, but now he’s quarrelling with the drivers themselves. Last week, a TTC driver told union reps that Ford motored past the open doors of a stopped streetcar on Dundas West, breaking the rule that cars must stay two metres behind any open streetcar door. Ford and the driver allegedly exchanged a few choice words, prompting Ford to call TTC head Andy Byford to complain (it’s against TTC rules for operators to leave their seats to confront drivers). Today, Ford made a rare visit to the city hall press gallery and gave a bare-bones summary of his side of the story: “The back door shut, I went past the back doors, the front doors were open, the front doors were still open and the driver came out and accosted me.” If that’s true, we’d almost feel sorry for Ford—if he didn’t have his own history of accosting strangers while enraged. [Globe and Mail]