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QUOTED: Doug Ford on why he may quit city politics by July

If [the premier] calls the election in July, I’m gone.

—Councillor and would-be MPP Doug Ford, on why he may make his leap to provincial politics as soon as this summer, rather than waiting, as he has previously mused, until his term ends in 2014. Ford was fired up after Dalton McGuinty warned that the current provincial budget debates are faltering, which could mean a snap election this summer. If that were the case, Ford says, he would run as a Progressive Conservative and leave the city politics up to his brother: “Municipally, we have that covered with Rob. I’m going to cover the provincial side, and stay tuned on the federal side,” he said. (Apparently that last bit was a joke, though Ford did add, “But we have got a big family.”) [National Post]

  • W. K. Lis

    Doug Ford has to be nominated first by his political party. He is no Bill Davis nor John Tory. I sure wouldn’t want him in my political party, not even a birthday party.

  • Jesse Girard

    Where ever he goes I hope it’s FAR AWAY

  • blissfullyignorant

    call it dalton! one less ford would be great but doug ford wouldn’t resign from council to run, he would only resign it if he won…

  • JoeTory

    And Councillor Krista Ford takes over Etobicoke. Those voters will love her. She has the same name as the others, and plus, Lingerie Football!

  • Sid

    I think it’s funny he thinks he can even play a part at the provincial level… but then again, I didn’t think Rob would be mayor so… never mind.