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Rob Ford opposes road tolls and sales taxes, but his executive isn’t so sure

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Josh Matlow hasn’t been shy about wanting to use tolls or taxes to expand Toronto’s lagging transit network, and it looks like some Rob Ford allies may be open to his way of thinking. Yesterday, the councillor brought a motion to the mayor’s executive committee to organize a working group on funding strategies to raise the billions needed for future transit projects, and the mayor’s executive actually endorsed the idea. Moreover, the committee squashed a follow-up motion from Denzil Minnan-Wong, who figured that “new revenue tools” translated to “taxes and tolls” and moved to exclude a sales tax and non-regional road tolls from consideration. In fact, Ford, a known car lover and tax hater, was the sole member of the executive to agree with Minnan-Wong—perhaps the pair can work together to come up with a funding strategy of their own that avoids tolls and taxes (but involve unicorns). [National Post]