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Mississauga isn’t as keen on a casino as everyone thought

(Image: Fleur-Ange Lamothe)

In case Toronto takes a pass on the Ontario government’s offer to build a gambling hot spot in the city, Mississauga has been pegged as the casino heir apparent—except the suburb’s council and longtime mayor Hazel McCallion also seem pretty ambivalent about having a complex on their waterfront. McCallion recently said she is “not chasing a casino” because Mississauga lacks a suitably large parcel of land (although she did says she hasn’t completely ruled out the possibility and has had a “friendly visit” with OLG chair Paul Godfrey). Now, McCallion has nixed the idea of even holding a referendum to decide whether to support the idea, saying she’d prefer to leave it up to the public. Which is a little odd, because aren’t referendums all about finding out what the public thinks? [Toronto Star]