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The yearly debate over Pride funding ends in a truce, and a condemnation

(Image: loozrboy)

After hemming and hawing (once again) over whether to fund Pride if Queers Against Israeli Apartheid marches, council ultimately decided to give the parade its money—and officially condemned the term “Israeli apartheid” to appease those who object to the potential parade participant. After the vote, Doug Holyday made the usual threats to revoke the funding if things get too political at the event. Kristyn Wong-Tam, meanwhile, said it’s unfair Pride has to jump through hoops to get its grant—roughly $124,000—while other mega-events don’t face the same scrutiny. She should, therefore, be delighted to hear Rob Ford (who has a checkered parade history) would like to level the playing field… er, by eliminating city funding for all parades in favour of private-sector sponsors. [Globe and Mail]