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Rob Ford finally reveals a plan (or five) for Toronto

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Rob Ford has ended the months-long “what is the mayor’s agenda?” guessing game (FYI, Transit City bingo was way more fun) by coming out with some serious plans for the rest of his term. At the Economic Club of Canada yesterday afternoon, Ford gave a fairly policy-heavy speech that focused on the local economy, and offered a five-point course of action. Those points were: streamline the development process; cut commercial property taxes to foster business; market the city better to business leaders; attract talented workers; and improve transit. Ford said he is moving Toronto closer to “achieving a sustainable fiscal foundation.” Okay, so he’s a little late on the whole vision-for-the-city thing, but at least there’s now a plan in place—or as Adam Vaughan skeptically put it, “a plan to have a plan.” [Toronto Star]

  • peachy

    how about you stop HIRING IDIOTS ESP THOSE ON BAIL. ‘BAIL’ – giant red flag

  • Henry Corbusier

    Utterly shameful to have a Mayor like this. Please vote accordingly next time around!

  • tony

    Shameful because he’s stating these objectives a little late in his term?….shameful because you don’t agree that the City needs these items? Mayor Ford can be alot of things but in this respect, or specifically, what he outlines in this article is exactly what the City needs….more streamlining, better marketing, foster a better business environment and repatriate jobs lost to the new suburbs. Not everything the Mayor says and does is wrong.