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TRCA kills Rob Ford’s dream of buying up parkland by his house to build a big fence

(Image: Christopher Drost)

As expected, the executive committee of the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has decided to follow its staff’s recommendation and has rejected Rob Ford’s bid to buy the bit of parkland next to his Etobicoke bungalow (a.k.a. the catalyst for his showdown with the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale). Both precedent and policy suggested it would have been pretty unusual for the TRCA to approve the sale of parkland, but the mayor’s representative at the meeting, family friend and real estate agent Ross Vaughan, apparently still thinks it was “unfair.”

  • Go Big Or Go To EtobiCoke

    “The people of this city have spoken loud and clear, they want me to have a big yard folks, they want me to have a big yard, big yard, big yard,” Ford told councillors.

    “People hate this park, they hate these vacant lots, you can call them what you want, people want me to have a big yard folks, big yard, big yard. They don’t want these damn parks clogging up our city!”

    “That’s what they don’t want!”

  • Stephanie

    Good. Why doesn’t he just move if he needs more space? That’s what everyone else does.

  • Ballistic Rob Ford

    Kind of ironic that this would have probably gone ahead, under the public’s radar, if our Big Bully Mayor had not gone crazy ballistic on the mild-mannered reporter just doing his job. Well done, Rob.

  • MrsPotato

    Oh this makes me so happy. :)

  • Josh Rachlis

    Excellent. And so my plan to build a condo on that park proceeds as planned…

  • soos her lees

    Instead of buying up some parkland, he should replace the 50 year old shingles on his roof. He’s bringing down the price of houses on his street. Maybe the Ford’s haven’t noticed the state of the shingles, but I have each time I see the house on TV!

  • Noticed the Roof

    I assumed Ford just didn’t want to throw money on the roof of the house he would soon be tearing down for the McMansion he had been planning as soon as he had that chunk of park property.

  • Chris Macdonald

    Hey! I thought this was a foodies mag. No one told me the Michelin Man had arrived !?