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Etobicoke has fallen out of love with Rob Ford since his reporter-chasing hijinks

(Image: The City of Toronto)

Funnily enough (or sadly enough, from the perspective of civic engagement), the ridiculous Daniel Dale incident seems to have affected Rob Ford’s approval rating more than any of his decisive political defeats from earlier this spring. Poll results released today show that 40 per cent of Toronto residents approve of the job Ford is doing, down seven percentage points since last month and 20 percentage points since his early days as mayor. And in his home turf of Etobicoke, Ford’s approval rating plummeted 15 percentage points to 33 per cent. Lorne Bozinoff, the president of Forum Research, who conducted the survey, suggested Torontonians are not impressed with Ford’s attempt to buy the parkland abutting his house and the brouhaha that followed. Bozinoff also said west-enders might be feeling snubbed since Ford has ignored his former ward, focusing his attention across town to bring subways subways subways to Scarborough. Still, we thought Etobicoke residents wouldn’t turn away from Ford until hell froze over, pigs flew and the sky started to fall—oh, right. [National Post]


    Where is this place called Etobicoke? There has been such a place since 1998.

    WE LIVE IN TORONTO. Even if Canada Post and City Council aren’t proud enough of the name Toronto.

    I live in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and am proud of it even if nobody can find me on 411 because
    Canada Post says I live in the non existant, arcane and archaic North York.

  • moonshake

    @ Taylor Fladgate. Exactly. I still apparently live in Etobicoke. It isn’t just Canada Post though… watch any newcast. ‘The West End’ of Toronto is apparently Landsdowne.

  • Nick

    Though I agree with both Taylor Fladgate and moonshake to some extent, people are always going to use the old names of the former municipalities. These days I like to think of North York and Etobicoke simply as neighbourhoods within Toronto, just like Greektown, Yorkville, Liberty Village, The Beach, The Annex etc. I’ve been fighting it for years but people who were of age when the megacity began will always be that way, the same way residents of Queens, NY call Manhattan “the city” when in reality they are all part of New York City.
    Regarding the article, I lived in the former city of Etobicoke during the last election, did not vote for Rob or Doug Ford because I knew this would happen. Rob Ford wasn’t a very good councillor, and his brother is even worse. I don’t think I have to touch upon Rob’s tenure as mayor. Toronto only needs an actual subway in one place at this point. And it’s the same place anyone who has ever used the terms “city” and “planning” in the same sentence, and that is the east and west sides of downtown, the Downtown Relief Line.