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Shelley Carroll and Giorgio Mammoliti fight over who at city hall should just suck it up

(Images: Christopher Drost)

Nothing (except maybe this) is more off-putting than remarks about sucking from city councillors. After Shelley Carroll made slow-news-day headlines for criticizing Rob Ford’s governing style, Giorgio Mammoliti came to Ford’s defense, saying Carroll should “suck it up.” Carroll, who will likely run against Ford in the next mayoral election, shot back with this gem:

I actually do suck it up every day, work goes on here at City Hall and it goes on in our wards whether the mayor is involved or not. Councillors do suck it up in a way that kind of leaves the mayor on the outs of the action at council. I can’t imagine that (Ford) wants to suck that up.

We’re hoping less-than-eloquent verbal sparring like this doesn’t take over the 2014 campaign, because that would really…suck.  [Toronto Sun]