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SPOTTED: Rob Ford attends—and reads a proclamation at—a gay outreach event (!)

Rob Ford at IDAHOT flag-raising (Image: Don Peat via Twitter)

Something awfully surprising happened just moments ago: Mayor Rob Ford not only attended the flag-raising ceremony for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, but he also delivered the IDAHOT proclamation, receiving a huge round of applause and cheers from the crowd. Given Ford’s impressively weak ties to the gay community in Toronto, and the fact that his office had told organizers he wouldn’t be attending this event at all, we’re shocked at his surprise appearance. Does this mean he’ll be donning a neon green lycra Speedo and a Super Soaker holster at the Pride parade this year? (You’re welcome for the visual.)

  • Aisha Ashraf

    I was starting to think that Mr Ford’s veiled homophobia was really obscuring his ability to carry out his mayoral duties and give support to all members of the Toronto population, regardless of sexual orientation. What with the continuous excuses and refusal to attend Gay Pride (“I’m at the cottage that weekend”), then not even being able to bring himself to raise a flag!?
    This looks like a damage limitation PR exercise. I wonder if he’ll need therapy afterwards…

  • W. K. Lis

    He did leave 20 minutes after it started and as someone else was talking, along with his entourage and other hanger-ons. Just his chicken leg was was left to get cold on his desk.

  • peachy

    think he’s a twat but dont see why he should attend a ‘parade’ that is far from socially all-inclusive and more of a demonstration. be appreciative he read a statement, a v good thing as it makes sense and now we know he can still read despite his recent bahaviour, but stay for entire event??? this might happen 1% of the time in political celeb realm. if you want more you need to pay :)