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Council conspiracy alert: are Rob Ford and his allies trying to shut out James Pasternak?

James Pasternak, a rookie councillor who started off as a sort-of Rob Ford supporter before joining the ranks of the mighty middle, wants to reschedule a May 28 budget meeting because it falls on Shavuot, a Jewish holy day. Ford and his allies voted against the idea, meaning Pasternak likely won’t be able to attend the meeting. Never one to miss out on chance to bash Ford, Councillor Shelley Carroll accused the mayor and his cabal of deliberately punishing the rebellious Pasternak (who recently asked the budget committee to restore money to several cut programs) by forcing him to choose between his religious duties and his council duties.  So that’s one possibility. Pasternak doesn’t believe there’s a plot afoot but does admit that voting against Ford hasn’t won him any friends in the mayor’s camp. No kidding. [NOW]

  • 4D Nation 4EVER

    The taxpayers want subways! Rob Ford was given a clear mandate by the taxpayers! They came up to him at the mall.

  • Ann Rose

    Has he added antiseptic to his hate list. First Gays and now…

  • noircat

    I really don’t think antiseptic was the word you were looking for there, but who knows, Ford could hate that too! It is entirely plausible…