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Daniel Dale won’t face charges for standing near Rob Ford’s house

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Having found no evidence that Daniel Dale looked over Rob Ford’s fence, stepped onto his property or shot any photos or video, police investigators have decided not to charge the reporter for hanging around the mayor’s house last week. Ford has accused Dale of standing on cinderblocks (something Dale hotly denies, and even questions his ability to do) to peer over the mayor’s fence and take photos of his backyard. However, a policewoman told Dale that a surveillance video Ford gave to the police contained no evidence of either—and, this afternoon, after snooping through Dale’s BlackBerry with the reporter and his lawyer, police told him that they have closed the investigation. So, no charges for Dale. And Dale and the Toronto Star have said from the start that they won’t press charges against Ford. Can everyone just stop talking about this now? Probably not. [Toronto Star]

  • J C

    I can not believe this fat criminal is still abusing the police system, and hasn’t been fired out of the city on a catapult.

  • Thomas

    Why wouldn’t Rob Ford be charged with robbery? Any other individual who ran up to a stranger in a public park, threatened violence, and demanded the victim “drop your phone!” would be charged with robbery.

  • Josh Rachlis

    I’ve figured it out: Rob Ford is in cahoots with Councillor Adam Vaughan to ensure Vaughn’s election in 2014. It’s the only rational explanation for Ford’s behaviour.

  • Miss J

    The Star is rather pathetic excuse for a newspaper and Dale is borderline paparazzi. If he has the balls to stalk the mayor a little too closely why did he dive like a soccer player and cry scared when he was confronted? Give me a break. I’m sick of hearing about it

  • Our Idiot, the Mayor

    Dale never broke any laws. The idiot we have for a mayor, on the other hand, is being given a free ride. Why are there no charges against that bully?

  • Mike D

    Why is the mayor not being called on the fact that he straight-up lied to perpetrate his version of this story? He said the reporter was on his property, over the fence, photos, cinder blocks etc. No evidence of any of that. Ford has video, he says, but won’t release it. The neighbour won’t vouch for Ford’s version either. And somehow this ends up a he-said/he-said? It’s not — it’s nothing less than our top civic official lying, bullying and manipulating, and the media should have the courage to say so.

  • peachy

    theft and abuse of truth

    journo should lay charges – that would be a story and a warning to others, the public unravelling of a political lightweight

  • Carol Rockburn

    The press has brought us many stories about our local politicians, especially Mayor Rob Ford. Yes, I have been disillusioned at times but I do ultimately believe in his good intentions. We’ve all made mistakes. Each and every one of us have our personalities / quirks. Now our Mayor can possibly be booted out of office if a judge finds him guilty, i.e. the recent conflict of interest court case. I was floored when I read the Oct. 12, 2012 editorial in The Toronto Sun – STOP “SLUSH FUND” CITY PLANNING. How many Councillors have “legally extorted” money from developers? If Mayor Ford has to go, I want to see all them other Councillors go too!!