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Daniel Dale won’t face charges for standing near Rob Ford’s house

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Having found no evidence that Daniel Dale looked over Rob Ford’s fence, stepped onto his property or shot any photos or video, police investigators have decided not to charge the reporter for hanging around the mayor’s house last week. Ford has accused Dale of standing on cinderblocks (something Dale hotly denies, and even questions his ability to do) to peer over the mayor’s fence and take photos of his backyard. However, a policewoman told Dale that a surveillance video Ford gave to the police contained no evidence of either—and, this afternoon, after snooping through Dale’s BlackBerry with the reporter and his lawyer, police told him that they have closed the investigation. So, no charges for Dale. And Dale and the Toronto Star have said from the start that they won’t press charges against Ford. Can everyone just stop talking about this now? Probably not. [Toronto Star]