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Rob Ford’s plan to buy parkland advances—as does the Toronto Star’s campaign against it

(Image: Christopher Drost)

There won’t be any decision just yet about whether Rob Ford can buy the strip of parkland next to his Etobicoke bungalow (a.k.a. Fencegate ground zero) to build a security fence. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, which owns the plot of land, voted to have staff study Ford’s application and report back in June. Though the Toronto Star may have inadvertently proved Ford needs a better fence, it would be pretty unusual for TRCA staff to recommend a sale; the authority very rarely let people buy up parkland, and usually only when they’ve unwittingly built a swimming pool or greenhouse a foot or two beyond their property lines. Plus, if staff do recommend a sale, there will have to be a public consultation first, and we can’t imagine that going well for Ford—especially since the Star went through its archives and unearthed a clip of the mayor talking about plans to “tear down the whole house and build a nice house.” [Globe and Mail]

  • not buying it

    this is so obviously about self-interest. He is setting up one scenarion after another so the optics are on his side by being unduly hostile toward all media, except those that don’t question him, in order to build a case for being harassed. It is a giant farce.
    the acquisition of a few more feet of land has ZERO to do with “beefing up security”. Clearly, the cat is out of the bag with regard to his motives for buying TRCA land, as it should be. Good for the Star for exposing this.
    Torontonians should be very concerned if ford gets his way here.

  • Not in it for Toronto

    We have to watch this mayor like a hawk. He is not in the game for the sake of Toronto. Now we see him attempting to grab a chunk of public parkland to enhance the value of his house. What a disgrace on so many levels and in so many ways.

  • FordFan

    Sounds like a land grab …. I don’t think he needs the fence because he won’t be elected as mayor in the next election. But then if we have our own Bush moment then he may just need a fence and more.