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Shocking news: Rob and Doug Ford sort of don’t agree on something

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Rob and Doug Ford seem to be the same person agree on most things: the war on cars, a love of subway-building and notions that Cut the Waist was a sound idea. But the Globe and Mail has found a mini-rift between the two on the topic of property taxes. Doug, the vice-chair of Toronto’s budget committee, says he’s “absolutely, 100 per cent” in favour of freezing property taxes, while Rob is more reticent, saying he campaigned on holding tax increases to the rate of inflation, not freezing them entirely. It would seem the mayor’s “not quite sure” about keeping property taxes as is for the next few years (and, incidentally, hasn’t entirely ruled out chucking the land transfer if the budget numbers support it). A difference of opinion, sure—but nothing to make Margaret Atwood change her mind about Toronto’s “twin Ford Mayors.” [Globe and Mail]