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VIDEO: Rob Ford goes to KFC. That is all.

We actually feel sorry for Rob Ford on this one. After a mirth-filled citizen caught the dieting mayor heading into a west-end Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, the Toronto Star decided the event merited an article. Though the Toronto Sun jumped on the story (and dubbed it “Chickengate”), other papers called out the Star for bullying. In the National Post, for instance, Matt Gurney called the story “mockery masquerading as news”—and most of Twitter agreed. The videographer, known only as Cordella, defended the clip’s newsworthiness thusly: “If you’re not committed to the diet that you committed to…how can you be committed to the taxpayers of Toronto and making changes in Toronto?” We’re not convinced an occasional weakness for fatty food is proof that Ford will stop trying to cut the fat at city hall. And, hey, who doesn’t occasionally succumb to a fast-food craving? Read the entire story [Toronto Star] »

  • bob loblaw

    Whatever you think of Rob Ford, this video just strikes me as mean.

  • lumps-in-my-gravy

    Rob Ford ‘signed on’ for this kind of scrutiny, when he and his brother started the ‘very public’ weight loss challenge.

    He can say ‘no comment’ to the press and run/or hide from them on a daily basis, but we, the citizens all have cell phone cameras. We’re watchin’ you Robbie Boy… on the street and in city council.

  • Martin

    Coulda been worse, like if he’d been caught with $8 billion worth of gravy he bought at Subway.

  • Steven

    Not only did he “sign on” with the weight loss shtick, in addition, he has used his position as mayor to get himself heard on that radio call-in show, in which, by the way,
    he described himself as a business man (with reference to casinos coming to town) rather than a mayor. I suppose I agree with him and his behaviour has not been what one might expect for a mayor. Oh well.

  • Mel S.

    Losing weight is difficult and this video exists solely to mock the mayor. It’s mean spirited and petty.

  • Steven

    Now that I think of it, and to put a positive spin on this, Rob Ford has managed to lose weight eating KFC. On behalf of the city of Toronto, he should approach KFC and offer up his services for a new advertising campaign on the “KFC weight loss diet”, with all proceeds going to the city of Toronto. Given his business acumen, this should be easily achievable.

  • Justin Bernard

    Boo Hoo. Poor Rob Ford is being heckled for his weight. This is the same guy who made a mockery of the mayoral ceremony by getting a 905′er to trash those who did not vote for him, stole a radio show from a councilor, and insulted councilors who did not side with him. Is it a surprise that the paper who admonished the Star for reporting is right-wing rag? I am glad the woman who took the video stood to the usual Conservative “we’re the victim’s here” strategy.

  • Paula

    The video was horribly mean-spirited, with the sound of some nasty, nasty, hateful person guffawing like a foolish and hysterical hyena. I thought it was absolutely horrendous and cruel. Sickening.

  • Sus

    l truly believe Rob Ford should step off the platform with this diet. The only way he will drop pounds is if he get cancer or just a heart attack and lives to talk about it and maybe get the scare of a life time and does something about it. It’s to bad he does not take this weight thing to heart as he is to young to be this large and put himself in harms way.. And for his mother doug who always defends him should really let rob grow up and speak for himself. Ding & Dong Ford what a joke………

  • nik

    Why did he make a very public proclamation that he’d lose weight? And then allow his own brother to encourage citizens will keep pressure on both of them? What did he expect?

    He should have gotten delivery.

    He should have gone to Wendy’s. At least they have salads.

  • ah123

    Maybe he wants to make sure the gravy on KFC’s mash potatoes ain’t the one he’s been looking for…

  • Ovais

    1. Maybe purchasing for someone else (i.e. wife). 2. Most diets give a person a cheat day. 3. Maybe he ordered a salad.

  • Lemoncake

    His weight is not the only issue here, its also a matter of how much he values his health, not to mention the size of his pocketbooks. There are people in Toronto who not only cannot afford to be spending their hard earned money on junk, but their health is in such a state that consuming this kind of food would put their lives in further jeopardy. Hardly KFC is a health store. So much for those savings! And where is tax payers money going… going..gone.

  • Methinks

    Wow…it’s amazing how much energy is spent on what the mayor might be eating today. Isn’t there anything else better to report on? Ford’s sitting back and laughing at everyone.