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VIDEO: Rob Ford goes to KFC. That is all.

We actually feel sorry for Rob Ford on this one. After a mirth-filled citizen caught the dieting mayor heading into a west-end Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, the Toronto Star decided the event merited an article. Though the Toronto Sun jumped on the story (and dubbed it “Chickengate”), other papers called out the Star for bullying. In the National Post, for instance, Matt Gurney called the story “mockery masquerading as news”—and most of Twitter agreed. The videographer, known only as Cordella, defended the clip’s newsworthiness thusly: “If you’re not committed to the diet that you committed to…how can you be committed to the taxpayers of Toronto and making changes in Toronto?” We’re not convinced an occasional weakness for fatty food is proof that Ford will stop trying to cut the fat at city hall. And, hey, who doesn’t occasionally succumb to a fast-food craving? Read the entire story [Toronto Star] »