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Giorgio Mammoliti wants to cut down on, well, cuts

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Giorgio Mammoliti may be one of Rob Ford’s most avid supporters (some even say he’s Ford’s fall guy), but it looks like he’s no longer on board with the mayor’s “cuts-cuts-cuts” mantra. That’s surprising, coming from the man who thought it was a fine idea to do away with half of city council, a fact that even Mammoliti recognizes: “Nobody was harder on cutting,” he said, “and it’s me that’s saying perhaps we need to back off a little, continue to save what we can, but find new money somewhere else, because that’s the key now.” (More specifically, the “somewhere else” where Mammo hopes to find money is a Toronto-area casino.) Mammoliti is the second Ford supporter to offer a countering viewpoint this week—former press secretary Adrienne Batra skewered him in the Toronto Sun over the weekend. Given that loyalty is extremely important to the mayor, that’s gotta hurt. [The National Post]