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The famous Bunny Ranch brothel is coming to Toronto

(Image: screenshot from the Toronto Sun’s website)

One of the side effects of the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision to legalize bawdy-houses: awkward newspaper columns (and even more awkward homepage images). In the Toronto Sun today, columnist and self-described libertarian Mike Strobel gets pretty… excited about the possibility of Toronto getting a Bunny Ranch brothel. Dennis Hof, who owns the famous brothel chain in Nevada, spoke to Strobel over the phone—while surrounded by “a whole bunch of beautiful half-naked women”—and said he plans to visit Toronto this June to scout sites that could accommodate 15 to 20 rooms for conducting business, a dorm for the ladies and a five-star restaurant. In addition to the permissive legal climate, Hof says he’s drawn to Toronto because it’s a “classy European kind of city with flair and style.” Though, if Toronto signs up for both an MGM mega-casino and a Bunny Ranch brothel, the city will have more in common with Las Vegas than Europe. Read the entire story [The Toronto Sun] »