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Where is Rob Ford? (Even his former press secretary wants to know)

(Image: West Annex News)

The Ford brothers and former mayoral press secretary Adrienne Batra had a bit of a verbal spat over the weekend—ostensibly over Rob Ford’s whereabouts. The Toronto Sun columnist accused her old boss of failing as a leader and of becoming “disengaged from day-to-day business” in a column titled “Mr. Mayor, where are you?” Batra called Ford out on being mute on the recent contract debates, letting the lefties and centrists wrest away his power over the 2012 budget and staying out of the recreation fees debacle (a perfect stand-up-for-the-little-guy case that the old, more spirited Ford would have used to his advantage, she said). “The mayor—not his staff, not his brother, not his executive, not his unpaid advisors—needs to dig down and find the same passion for the job he had when he was first elected,” she wrote. Doug Ford, ignoring that bit about not getting involved, defended his brother on their radio show, saying that “nutcases in the media” hassle Rob unfairly for attending to constituents. Quoth Doug: “‘Where’s the mayor?’ The mayor’s out there workin’ his ass off, talkin’ to residents and fixin’ the problems.” Read the entire story [Toronto Sun] »

  • W. K. Lis

    How about producing an itinerary for the press that means something? Instead of isolating the press who don’t agree with you, and publishing a bare-bones itinerary, publish one for all the press that gives information like the person you are meeting with?

    In addition, stop micromanaging. Don’t go out to a pothole with your entourage. Let your staff do their job. Don’t make the same mistake as the Miller regime bureaucrats did with their food cart fiasco. Set a goal for your staff to follow or aim for.

  • Stephanie

    So Batra’s a nutcase now? You gotta wonder why she really left the Ford fold.

  • Steve

    The Ford brothers are clowns. Their supporters are in a full lather because They’ve just realized that the Downtown runs this show. Always has, always will. Go ahead try and elect him or his idiot brother again. Even if you somehow managed to accomplish that, we’ll hog tie him again. You can’t get rid I’d councilors that you’d intern get to vote for or against. We’re eating your lunch and you’ll sit there and take it because you are powerless. Reap it. Harper is next