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The Wall Street Journal introduces Rob Ford to America (Nutcracker cameo and all)

(Image: Blind Nomad)

With all of Rob Fords supposed middle finger flipping, parade skipping and tantrum throwing, not even the often staid Wall Street Journal can resist writing about his antics. The paper recently published a story on the “300-pound former city councillor and labelling-company heir” that focuses on Ford’s flamboyant style and is accompanied by a truly wonderful photo. Although the paper made more than a few errors (not least by making Giorgio Mammoliti sound like a voice of reason), the article does contain a memorable quote from councillor Josh Matlow. The mood among many Toronto voters, he says, is a “combination of buyer’s regret and the shame one feels when waking up with a hangover and seeing they have a tattoo on their forehead.” And now that tattoo is splashed all over the Wall Street Journal. Read the entire story [Wall Street Journal] »

  • jane doe

    I will vote for you again Rob Ford…I will not vote for Josh matlow my councillor who deceived voters like me in St. Pauls … You accomplished nothing in 1 year Josh Matlow and you are unprofessional and a total embarassment to this city and this country….Your personal vendetta against the Mayor has gone too far…You fool no one concerning our political ambitious . To trash our mayor to an American Media as the wall street Journal is an embarassment to Canada…. Our city has been plagued with corruption and government union bullies for years….but you don’t care about the voters..This is all about you…YOU WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED IN ST. PAULS.

  • Annie

    I voted for Josh Matlow and I’d do it again. I agree with him about one million times more than our mayor. I cannot believe anyone would call Matlow an embarrassment when compared to the lying, homophobic, mysoginist racist we have running the show.

  • Dean Clean

    don’t listen to jane doe, Cllr. Matlow (not that you would, lol).

    You’re doing a great job standing up against that bully Ford. You even got a rare apology from him, something few people can do. You will surely be elected by the clear-thinking majority of the people of St. Paul’s. They know that it’s Ford that is the embarrassment.

  • Biff

    Jane Doe is not a happy lady. lol.

  • W. K. Lis

    Rob Ford is Toronto’s embarrassment to the world. Unfortunately, we have him to represent us to the rest of the world. Better to wear dark sun-glasses at night when you have to stand next to Rob Ford.

  • jane doe

    Josh Matlow is the liar who discriminates against homeowners and businesses in his Riding….He goes out of his way to mislead the public regarding the LRT discussion that took place February 28, 2012…You have no business interfering or talking about subjects such as LRT in Scarborough…You treat homeowners like me as 2nd class citizens….You will never be mayor of Toronto…Never….You are too STUPID TO MAYOR.

  • jane doe

    Please google Ted Matlow….Josh Matlow’s famous Ontario Judge Father charged with professional misconduct.

  • True Tory

    Josh Matlow is too stupid to mayor, Jane. Right on. Don’t let these communists who vote for communists like Matlow get you down and force you to take your meds. Psychiatric medications are a tool of the socialized medicare system, anyways, they just want to turn us into zombies who ride streetcars and block up the city, preventing Ford Nation from driving vroom vroom down the road to city hall to protest bike lanes and homeless shelters and the environmentalists. That’s why our agenda has stalled – the gridlock is too bad so our supporters STAY HOME!!!

    That’s why we need subways. Best case scenario, a Sheppard subway expansion would certainly DECREASE capacity along the overcrowded Yonge line, punishing those transit users and encouraging them to buy cars, which would lead to more road building, perhaps another deck above the Gardiner or DVP. Worst case is the Sheppard subway stays unused, drowning the TTC in debt until it can’t afford to exist, at which point we could sell it to a private company which would run it more efficiently by firing the unions, lowering wages, and focussing on customer service instead of transit service.

  • Jane Smith

    Damn. I was hoping we could keep our humiliation local.

  • John Doe

    Jane, get off the Internets and get in the kitchen and make some noise with them pots and pans. I expect supper on the table at six.

  • EMS

    Jane and/or “True Tory” is also making comments on the Wall Street article itself….just under a different alias. All of the comments on the article are defiantly pro-Ford and oddly similar to the ones posted here. Weeeird.

  • jane doe

    yes the truth is weird is it not…….Its certainly foreign to Josh Matlow….who along with karen Stintz lie to St. Pauls crowd about Density…Well City of Vaughan getting a subway with half the population of Scarborough and the blessing of the Ontario Liberal Party, Premier McGuinty and MPP Greg Sorbara…The lies have to stop…..Josh Matlow is a deceitful politicians who thinks its funny misleading the public….Its is no…And if you come to my house and ask me to put your sign on my front lawn…I will ask you to leave otherwise you will be charged with Trespassing…I don’t need to have a 2 faced deceitful liar coming to my home and treating homeowners and businesses like Second class citizens…You have become the but of all jokes spending more time infront of a camera…..than talking to people of real honest facts….

  • Taliba

    I hope Rob Ford is paying Jane Doe a decent commission per post.

  • Jerry

    If we’re criticizing Matlow for getting involved in matters outside his ward, then where’s the hate for Doug Ford who literally never even mentions his own ward and instead focuses on Sheppard East, Eglinton and the Portlands?

  • Joe Tory

    Jerry, Doug Ford’s ward is in pretty rough shape already. He doesn’t need to badmouth it like he does the rest of the city.

    But the midtown and downtown areas are mostly economically ok with few social problems compared to many areas outside the core. Most people living there have decent jobs and good housing, plus being close to the core means excellent entertainment options, plus they don’t have to pour money into a vehicle like suburban dwellers do because they can bike, take short-hop cabs, or use transit. In short, the Fords can’t help a place that is viewed as a good place to live. So they have to destroy that positive perception.

    Doug’s job is to remake the image of downtown and midtown Toronto. The St. Clair West streetcar right-of-way is the perfect example. Residents on that street aren’t in revolt and re-elected the councilor who proudly oversaw the “disastrous” streetcar right-of-way and basically ran on it during the last election. But you wouldn’t know that by listening to Doug and Rob – they “know” how upset The People really are. :-)

    On the surface it might appear that they are simply lying to push through their own car-centric/anti-environment transit policies. Which would be fine, but there’s more to it: by changing the public image of a perfectly decent neighborhood, the Fords are conspiring to drive businesses and residents away from districts that are distinctly anti-Ford.

    It’s a perfectly fair and valid political campaign strategy. It might not benefit the people in their wards, and it certainly harms the people living in the wards being slandered and libeled in the media by the mayor and his brother and their allies. But it should make people think twice about supporting a guy like “Streetcar Joe” Michev once their street is a deserted, boarded-up disaster like the eastern Danforth (which has a subway, lol).

  • Don Rivers

    Jane Done, please seek professional help not only for your poor writing, but for your psychological issues. From the sounds of it, you actually are a second class citizen, and it is people like you (Ford supporters) who make me (a first class citizen) feel like they now live in a second class city.

  • Don Rivers

    Sorry, I meant to address this to Jane Doe.

  • sugarsugar

    oh dear, dear jane doe, or should i say josie erent,

    based on your rampant internet commenting (she hasn’t just been trolling this article), i’m guessing you’re paid per word by ford bros inc. and not for quality.

    also, regarding matlow, why on earth should i care if someone’s father is guilty of professional misconduct? is the propensity for professional misdeeds a genetic trait? i dare say, someone’s propaganda is running awfully close to social darwinism and we all know how well that worked out.

  • jane doe

    I don’t have to be paid to tell the truth…Josh Matlow is costing me a fortune and taxes and too busy discriminating against homeowners like me…..Josh matlow is bad news for St. Pauls and must be replaced 2014, he is none nothing in the riding except support liberal Candidates in the riding who also do nothing for the riding.

  • jane doe

    Josh Matlow…insults and libels the mayor all the time while disgracing St. Paul’s ..What has Josh Matlow accomplished in 1 year…? Nothing…Except support a bunch of CUPE members who pee and destroy public property St. James park…

  • sugarsugar

    oups, mea culpa, a typo! how horrid an extra adverb suffix!

  • David

    Dear Wall Street Journal: Just by reading the comments posted, do you see the wacky support this mayor gets?

  • candolf

    Speaking of peeing on things — just wondering if you’ve caught the Mayor, on surveillance, peeing on a tree in broad daylight.

    Class act – your Mayor, Josie.