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Tim Hudak pretends that silly Sheppard council meeting never happened

(Image: Ontario Chamber of Commerce)

Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak took some time this week to catch up on his correspondence, sending out 100,000 postcards to Torontonians as a reminder that the PCs love subways and would give the city a Sheppard line if they were in power. Except, they’re not. And council just voted 24-19 in favour of an LRT on Sheppard a week ago. And the PCs killed the Eglinton subway expansion back in 1995. So, the mail-out is really more of a lame (albeit nicely designed) attempt to pander to residents who believe Toronto would be  a world-class city with an extra subway or two—and to score some points with a mayor whose clout is waning. Read the entire story [Torontoist] »

  • teedot

    instead of a mailing, why doesn’t he just get his buddy Harp to kick in for subways….oh wait, Steve-o is still sour that Toronto doesn’t vote for him so he’ll continue to stick it to us.

  • Spawn of Harris

    Hudak is Harris spawn. Harris is one of the worst things that ever happened to Toronto. Too bad they filled in the subway and wasted all that money. Seems that the new kind of conservatives can’t help squandering tax dollars. Hudak obviously has no respect for the democratic process in Toronto.

  • Andrew

    Oh the irony, this is the same party that cancelled the Eglinton subway, shortened the Sheppard subway to Don Mills, cut TTC and other bus service, and cut GO train service. Also this party privatized Highway 407 resulting in outrageously high tolls, causing increased congestion on Highway 7 and 401 from drivers avoiding the tolls.

  • Vote NDP in the next federal/provincial election

    Folks, this is clearly a LIE. If you’ve looked in the PC party platforms in the past few provincial elections, it rarely makes any mention about transit expansion whereas the NDP has been talking about transit expansion for years but clueless voters didn’t listen. If Hudak’s PCs are in power right now then say goodbye to any progress on the transit file.