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Staring defeat in the face, Rob Ford does the honorable thing and stalls, stalls, stalls

(Image: Christopher Drost)

Some last-minute stalling by Rob Ford and company yesterday meant council broke for the evening before killing Ford’s subway forever voting on transit for Sheppard Avenue. Despite its anticlimactic end, the day’s 10-plus hours of council hijinks was exciting stuff (enough to set Jonathan Goldsbie bouncing, at least). Raymond Cho questioned Doug Ford’s grasp of the English language, Giorgio Mammoliti promised crazy stunts to block an LRT on Finch, and we witnessed the bizarre spectacle of council’s right-wing begging for new taxes while the centre and left politely declined. Today, this always-exciting, often-embarrassing saga should (finally) reach its dramatic conclusion. Stay tuned. Read the entire live blog [Torontoist] »

  • Phil

    Thanks 905. This gift from Etobicoke has been a shining representation of what not to vote for. Honestly, this guy is embarrassing. If you could purchase people at a strip mall, they would all be him.

  • Trev

    look… light rail is exposed to the elements, has traffic lights, has delays, etc… subway is the way to go… why do the morons in TO insist on keeping it “old school”?? Times have changed and we must change with them. I would be interested and seeing what the TOTAL cost for installation AND maintenance would be for light rail vs subway… EVERY city (at least those that count) levitates more towards subway since it is underground, and away from traffic and weather…. WHY, oh WHY, does TO insist on remaining in the dark ages??????

  • Dr. Benway

    Every city “levitates”? Damn, I’d pay serious money to see that.

  • Derek

    Stick that photo next to the definition of ‘petulant’. Classic Rob Ford.