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TTC boss (and clean freak) Andy Byford shows off some shiny new washrooms

(Image: Twitpic, Jonathan Goldsbie)

With all the recent drama at the TTC, the commission may have found a new PR tactic to (briefly) redirect public attention: look, new washrooms! Several media outlets showed up to see TTC chair Karen Stintz and new transit boss Andy Byford unveil Finch station’s gleaming new loos. And they are mighty impressive, boasting Dyson Airblade hand dryers, which, as everyone knows, are the Cadillacs of hand dryers. The new bathrooms are more evidence of Byford’s attention to detail, which makes us think his strategy for the TTC borrows from Broken Windows Theory: take care of the system’s outward appearance, and the rest will look after itself. Well, except for stuff like this. And this. Read the entire story [Torontoist] »