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QUOTED: Nick Kouvalis politely invites Doug Ford to put a sock in it

I really hope you quote me on this part because it’s important….You had councillors who made a decision to vote for the light-rail transit at-grade on the east side of Eglinton. You can’t…expect them to come back and vote for you on other issues when you go out and say things like you wouldn’t let them run your daughter’s lemonade stand. You can’t do that.

Nick Kouvalis, Rob Ford’s campaign architect and former chief of staff, speaking on Doug Fords sometimes-corrosive influence on city hall, particularly his off-the-cuff snipes at colleagues. That Kouvalis, not exactly known for his tact, would tell Doug to cool it is probably sufficient evidence that the rookie councillor might want to rein himself in a little bit. After all, if you don’t constantly insult your colleagues, maybe they’ll be a little more willing to support some of your policies. Unless you’re proposing a Ferris wheel on the waterfront. Or a lottery to pay for subways. [Globe and Mail]