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Has Doug Ford finally become a political handicap for Rob Ford?

Doug Ford’s antics are finally catching up to him—and his brother. According to a nice piece in the Globe and Mail today, fellow city councillors, and Nick Kouvalis, too, are suggesting that Doug is becoming a political liability for the mayor. Although he was once described as the brains behind the Ford administration, Doug’s recent gaffes are now rumoured to be pushing away Ford’s natural allies. Case in point: Councillor Ford allegedly told Gloria Lindsay Luby, an obvious fit for Team Ford, he would “execute” her in the 2014 election. He also alienated councillors—apparently heartened by the mayor’s willingness to compromise on alternative funding models for subway construction—by claiming to the press that a lottery or casino could provide the much-needed cash. And there was that one time he said he wouldn’t trust his colleagues—the same colleagues he needs to vote alongside the mayor to, you know, get things done—to run a lemonade stand. So, it looks like Rob is the friendlier, more-willing-to-compromise, more reasonable one in the dynamic Ford duo. Who would have thunk it? Read the entire story [Globe and Mail] »

(Images: Rob Ford and Doug Ford, Christopher Drost)