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Rob Ford doesn’t get his way at council—so he deems the whole proceedings “irrelevant”

After a lengthy special council meeting to debate the city’s overarching transit plan, where Rob Ford and his allies repeatedly and passionately championed the mayor’s “I’m building subways” proposal, Ford declared that the whole meeting was irrelevant. Of course, what the mayor really meant was that he found the final vote—to support a return to a light rail–based, decidedly above-ground transit plan—irrelevant.

The Toronto Star has the details:

In an extraordinary dismissal of city council’s will, Mayor Rob Ford has called his resounding defeat on Wednesday over Toronto’s transit plan irrelevant.

He is urging the province to build subways even though council voted 25-18 in favour of an above-ground LRT plan and Queen’s Park indicated it will listen.

“Technically speaking, that whole meeting was irrelevant,” said the mayor, after councillors voted to go with a competing transit plan championed by his former ally, TTC chair Councillor Karen Stintz.

Ford went onto say he’s confident the province will continue to follow his own plan, dismissing council’s express will. Perhaps Ford was just flustered in the post-vote presser after a long day; still, even Denzil Minnan-Wong, one of his staunchest supporters, noted that the mayor was out of line. Though if council proceedings are as insignificant as Ford suggests, we have a vehicle registration tax that needs reinstating and a Jarvis bike lane worth saving for him.

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  • Joe Tory

    As a conservative and a proud member of Ford Nation, I feel compelled to respond. This is about Democracy. The simple fact is that The People elected Rob Ford after he promised to build subways all over town without costing us anything at all. City Council has no right to interfere in the running of the city, that is why we elected Rob Ford. He should be able to do whatever he wants with your tax dollars, even if it means completely bankrupting the transit system.

  • joe

    If you poll toronto 80% of the polls held want underground subways. At least the ones that I seen.

    Its nice to know who our councillors are working for.

    The main function of government is self preservation, Karen stints looking for a nice career with the unions or ttc sold us out.

    No surprise.

    Call your councillor if your not happy!!! why do you think they care?

    95% of of the 350 000 plus calls to US Congress said no to the bail outs in 2008.
    what did they do? Voted yes for the bail outs.

    Capitalism doesn’t work. . . . . .wait a minute… there are no bailouts in capitalism. . . . ect………..what a confused manipulated world we live in.

    greeks and Italians don’t like to pay tax…..would you if your public workers are retiring at 55 with benefits you will never get?


  • Dean Clean

    Joe Tory, you’re so wrong. So, so wrong.

    Ford was not the only one elected to office in 2010. All 44 councillors were elected as well, so this “Ford rules all” garbage is just that – garbage. But don’t believe me, check the rules.

    Also, are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that Ford should be able to do WHATEVER he wants with Toronto’s tax dollars, even if it means completely bankrupting the transit system? You honestly think we’re that stupid to let a power-hungry mayor bankrupt the system just because he can’t accept the decision made by council (and by extension, the people), as per the rules?

    I guess that’s why you’re a “proud member” of Ford Village (formerly Ford Nation), because logic and reason are defined differently there?

  • Jonathan Swift

    @ Dean Clean

    I’m no expert, but I’m fairly sure “Joe Tory” is being satirical.


  • James

    Dean, I think you may have missed Joe Tory’s sarcasm. Sometimes it is easy to take written materials seriously when they are meant to be satirical (because the tone of voice is missing). But make no mistake about my comment. It is neither satirical nor sarcastic:

    Given Ford’s politically immature response to the will of the Council who were ALSO elected by the people (“it’s irrelevant”)and his continuing childish insistance that his plan be enacted, I can only conclude that he needs some soothing.

    I strongly suggest that he suck on Giorgio Mamolitti’s thumb until he feels better.

  • james

    Rob Ford simply has forgotten in place and has to realize that he as Mayor is a glorified councilor and nothing more.
    The council decides what goes and for a while Ford was able to intimidate them and get them to vote his way but this time has passed and the council now is voting with common sense and realizes that transit is not the only problem facing Toronto for the infrastructure is in a sad state of repair and will need attention very soon.

    Maybe Rob could start a campaign and say that tradesmen are way over paid and should dig the tunnels for the subway for minimum wages, indeed why not everyone work for minimum wages and lets give Ford and hos buddies Holyday and Mammolini and the other cretins a huge raise, they deserve it don’t they ?

  • True Tory

    No sarcasm here. As a typical member of Ford Nation I simply demand what Rob Ford promised – a lot of expensive government services at no cost to the taxpayer. You’ve read the polls – 80% of people want subways. That’s only part of the story. In fact, 95% of Toronto residents want to be transported by chauffeured Rolls Royce. Why doesn’t Rob Ford buy us all luxury automobiles and hire us drivers? Because it’s unrealistic!!! That’s WHY we have to build subways – you want everyone to ride in a Rolls Royce? Are you people crazy?

  • Nick

    Yeah good point re. the Rolls Royces, True Tory. And I bet if the Ford phrased his poll in a way that was realistic in terms of funds, such as “Dear Scarborough residents, is every one of you willing to pay a surcharge (i.e. tax) of $3500 for every person in your family to make up the $2 billion missing from my plan for a Sheppard subway, or would you prefer a free (i.e. provincially-funded) LRT?” the outcome would be slighly different than what he’s blathering on about.