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Rob Ford’s sister’s long-time boyfriend allegedly utters death threats against the mayor

At the beginning of the week, Rob Ford–related news reports were dominated by ice cream, gravy jokes and his and brother Doug Ford’s plan to drop a few pounds this year. But the levity didn’t last long. Late in the week, an army of police squad cars turned up at the Ford residence (once again), this time because the Fords’ older sister’s boyfriend allegedly threatened to kill the mayor. This latest threat has prompted Doug to call for full-time security for his brother (we think former mayor Mel Lastman may have some thoughts on the subject). Of course, death threats are serious business, and we don’t want to make light the situation. But we have to admit, we’re rather tickled by the thought of Ford flanked by beefy Secret Service types with dark shades and earpieces. Read the entire story [Globe and Mail] »

  • Gerrard Logan

    ‘Rob Ford’s sister’s long-time boyfriend utters death threats against the mayor’ is an allegation yet to be proven in court.

  • Joe Tory

    Speaking as a conservative who naturally blamed left-wing kooks for this ALLEGED crime when it first came out, I’m sticking with my original opinion, because it is obvious the LIEberal media is bending the story to fit the view that Ford’s family is a total trainwreck. They just want us to think that a man who depends on 911 and alcohol to resolve familial disputes several times a year probably can’t run the sixth largest government in Canada.

    The person who made the threat is an NDP-voting, anti-business, pro-union, pro-tax loon who probably is also a communist who wants “good services” and an open government (which is bad for business). They probably don’t like people who drive vroom vroom down the road in a big, gas-guzzling SUV.

    If it wasn’t a wacky leftwinger, then it might as well have been, and it’s integral that our exceptionally well-funded police start rounding up left-leaning, pro NDP, pro union dissidents who may pose a threat to our mayors and their powerful friends.

  • Christina Archer

    I certainly hope that the first comment is a feeble attempt at satire.