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Rob Ford’s sister’s long-time boyfriend allegedly utters death threats against the mayor

At the beginning of the week, Rob Ford–related news reports were dominated by ice cream, gravy jokes and his and brother Doug Ford’s plan to drop a few pounds this year. But the levity didn’t last long. Late in the week, an army of police squad cars turned up at the Ford residence (once again), this time because the Fords’ older sister’s boyfriend allegedly threatened to kill the mayor. This latest threat has prompted Doug to call for full-time security for his brother (we think former mayor Mel Lastman may have some thoughts on the subject). Of course, death threats are serious business, and we don’t want to make light the situation. But we have to admit, we’re rather tickled by the thought of Ford flanked by beefy Secret Service types with dark shades and earpieces. Read the entire story [Globe and Mail] »