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Metrolinx says GO Transit fare hike won’t penalize short-distance riders; math says otherwise

The Metrolinx board met yesterday, and apparently, it wanted to ensure its riders wouldn’t miss out on all the fare hike fun this year. Following the TTC’s recent increases to the cost of tokens and Metro passes, Metrolinx approved an increase of its own: GO fares between $4.20 and $5.50 will increase by 30 cents; those between $5.51 and $7 will climb by 35 cents; and fares higher than $7 will increase by 40 cents. Metrolinx says the alternative, a flat increase like the one instituted in 2010, would disproportionately affect short-distance riders. Of course, as transit blogger Steve Munro points out, the new increases, ahem, still disproportionately affect short-distance riders. Read the entire story [Steve Munro] »