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Rob Ford sticks to his anti-labour strategy, quoting, well, himself (twice)

Union president Mark Ferguson is tossing the political hot potato back to Mayor Rob Ford, promising he won’t call for a strike in the New Year. The Globe and Mail spells out the significance of the move, explaining that Ferguson’s promise “virtually [assures] that a widely anticipated civic labour disruption this winter would be initiated by the city.” Meanwhile, for his part, Ford is sticking to his talking points, telling CP24’s Stephen LeDrew that “We’re bargaining in good faith.” Of course, we’ve heard this before. Likewise, in the pages of the Toronto Sun Ford says, “I’ve never used the word lockout. The unions are always saying ‘lockout.’” We’ve heard that one before, too. But for now, his PR strategy should hold up: regardless of any scheming or stubbornness, it can’t hurt the mayor’s image that his opponents are the ones invoking the spectre of a work stoppage. Read the entire story [Globe and Mail] »

  • Joe Tory

    Workers don’t deserve the right to bargain collectively. It harms the economy and inconveniences job creators. Most private sector workers agree – it just these pesky public sector workers we have to punish. Retirement, for most, won’t happen, so why do our government employees deserve a rosier future than the rest of us? And why do they get paid to stay home when they are sick? The rest of us have to bring it to work or risk losing our jobs without obtaining a doctors note.

    Unions are for fools – it’s a globalized economy so we have to learn to compete with Chinese or Indonesian or Indian (etc etc) professionals, who work for very little. Better get used to it.

  • phil

    Of course they won’t strike in the winter. They want to wait for the summer like last time. This posturing is so obvious.

  • James

    Thanks to Joe Tory for lifting the veil from the true agenda of the right wing, and the anti-union private sector. The idea is not to have a fair deal for Government workers, but to PUNISH them. Perhaps Joe Tory would follow up by specifying what crime has been committed? Are ALL public servants guilty of the same crime, or is it simply guilt by reason of being a public servant?

    In general, commenters on media sites seem to have bought into the urban myth that civil servants do nothing, or at best do what they do badly. I challenge that myth and call for evidence prior to allowing the right wing rabble to punish people who have dedicated their professional lives to public service. Too many people basing their opinions upon heresay and lies, and seeking to take action based upon this non-evidence. Actions that will hurt innocent employees, their families, and ultimately our social safety net.

    Joe Tory, if you really want Canadian employment standards to mimic those of the Chinese or Indonesian or Indian nations, if you are so convinced that those standards are BETTER than Canadian standards, perhaps you should plan to relocate.

    I will be staying and fighting for the Canada that I love.