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TTC finally seems to have done something right: new streetcars are pretty cool (but not quite pimptastic)

The new and improved streetcar (Image: Andrew Louis)

This past weekend the TTC put one of its long-awaited new streetcars on public display and, sadly, it looks nothing like the awesome ride we suggested a year ago. However, we have to say we’re pretty satisfied with the overall design. The new look is very sleek, even if we’ll miss the iconic cyclopean headlight (LED strips aren’t quite the same). The cars are seven metres longer than the largest in service today, holding nine more seats and 28 more passengers. Boarding will be much faster with four sets of doors and a proof-of-payment system of some kind (you’ll know as soon as they do). And did we mention climate control? It’s just too bad integrating the new cars will take some serious work: the city’s overhead wires need to be retrofitted, and the curbs at over 1,000 stops need alteration to accommodate accessibility ramps. We’ll get to see the fruits of all those tax dollars in 2014 when the streetcars get delayed again hit the streets. Check the link for a gallery and full list of features from our friends over at Torontoist. Read the entire story [Torontoist] »