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Dalton “Boring Machine” McGuinty and Rob Ford go on a field trip to see an enormous hole

Yesterday, frenemies Dalton McGuinty and Rob Ford toured the site where crews are beginning to dig the tunnel for the Eglinton LRT. The men wore hardhats; McGuinty made a joke about the “boring machine” (which, apparently, is both the machine used for tunnelling and his children’s nickname for their old man); and as far as we can tell, the men smiled and pretended that Ford never claimed he’d run McGuinty out of office. The National Post also quotes a Metrolinx staffer who says the agency is still considering running the LRT along a bridge over the Don Valley instead of tunnelling beneath it. “It wouldn’t interfere with traffic,” the staffer said, suggesting that he’s sensitive to Ford’s fear of anything but cars occupying the road—but also aware of, um, reality. Read the entire story [National Post] »