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Rob Ford ducks CBC muckrakers, call the cops—and we feel surprisingly sympathetic (until we see the video)

Did you hear the news about Rob Ford and the CBC interview? No, not that one. Not that one, either. Apparently, the mayor was recently ambushed outside his home by a This Hour Has 22 Minutes “news” team and, uh, he called 911. Of course, it’s easy to claim this as evidence of Ford’s evasion of the spotlight or his inability to relax and poke fun at himself. And maybe it is. After all, awkward 22 Minutes interviews are something of a Canadian tradition (along with self-deprecation and apologizing, natch). But the mayor has been the target of death threats recently, so we’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one. But that doesn’t mean we’re not looking forward to tonight’s 22 Minutes episode. Because we are. (UPDATE: This sneak peek of the clip diminishes our sympathy. Also, Ford said it was dark. It wasn’t. Busted.) Read the entire story [CBC] »

  • nfitz

    Lastman said recently he received many death threats, starting from Day 1. Ford has had a couple at least. Inconceivable that Miller didn’t have any.

    What’s shocking is Ford is the only one who keeps mentioning it …

  • mojo

    I am increasingly surprised a the lack of exposure to canadian culture, be it literary or comical or whatever, Rob Ford has had in his life.

    I wonder had it been Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys in the ambush, would he be so fast to call the cops.

  • Tom Shardon

    It should be called “This hour has 2.2 minutes” because thats how much long I can watch that lame excuse for comedy before I change the channel. Rob Ford had every right to protect his children and his own safety, and also has every right not to know who Mary “whatever her unfunny name is” is. Now that the truth is coming out that Ford never said what the CBC said he did, courtesy Chief Blair (cant get much more reliable source than that) the Cbc isa once again lookiing like the lefty attack dog its always pretended it wasnt… can anyone else smell a lawsuit?

  • nan

    I think this incident is hilarious, Rob Ford at his best.
    Rob Ford…what a guy!