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Frances Nunziata proposes a new vehicle registration tax (i.e. licensing cyclists)

Councillor Frances Nunziata is talking about licensing cyclists, an idea that’s regularly floated at city hall and always met with a predictable outcome. Often viewed as an anti-cycling tactic in disguise, the Toronto Sun reports that police chief Bill Blair mentioned at least one positive outcome for pinkos cyclists yesterday: licenses would make it easier to return stolen bikes to their lawful owners. But unless we’re missing something, the police’s current police bicycle registration seems sufficient. And this city website lists three times in recent memory when the licensing idea has been considered. Then again, this could be a cash cow for the city. How’s $60 per bike sound? Read the entire story [Toronto Sun] »

  • Leobikerider

    No! No! No! Frances, get your grubby tax collecting hands off my Schwinn.

  • True Tory

    It’s only fair that cyclists should pay. They cause traffic delays on Queen Street when I am trying to drive my SUV vroom vroom down the road so I can get out of the horrible horrible city that is Toronto. I’m so glad we’ve finally elected leaders who totally hate the city, it makes me feel at home finally.

  • JT

    Great idea, but is the new vehicle registration tax only for those that ride their bicyle ever day or also to those that ride for enjoyment and exercise a couple of times a week on city trails. If you tax all cyclist, then why stop there. What about those that rollerblade on streets, shouldn’t they be taxed also? And from there what about skateboarders? And last week I saw a group of kids crossing the street, One of them had shoes with the wheels in the back of the sole….should this child have to pay taxes because they were using their wheeled shoes on city streets?
    Tax grab, Tax grab, Tax grab!