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Reformed commie Giorgio Mammoliti can smell communism, and he doesn’t want its sour scent on his Facebook page


“I will be monitoring their comments and if I get a smell of communism, they’re off the page.” — Giorgio Mammoliti

That was the city councillor in an interview with the Toronto Star after the good folks at Torontoist broke the news that Mammoliti had created a Facebook page called “Save the City… Support the Ford Administration” to consult with the Toronto public regarding what should and shouldn’t receive city funds.

However, to get approval to join Mammoliti’s group, there is one condition: “You must not emit the sour odour of ‘communism,’ ” the councillor told the Star. Apparently, Mammoliti—who you might say was once something of communist himself, having been a union a leader in the 1980s and an NDP MPP in the early ’90s—is sick and tired of hearing from Toronto’s commies with all their “griping and whining.” When asked how he would sniff out communism, Mammoliti responded: “Only Mammoliti has that keen sense of smell” (yes, that would be the third person). Other things we suspect only Mammoliti can smell include unions, taxes, bicycles and graffiti.

Mammoliti: ‘If I get a smell of communism, they’re off the (Facebook) page’ [Toronto Star]

  • EMS

    This guy is such an embarrassment to every citizen of Toronto. I would say he’s a joke….but at this point he’s still a councillor. Hopefully come next election, we can all officially call him a joke.

  • JMD

    He’s been paid by the taxpayer for quite a while now – both provincially and municipally. By his own definition, he’s a smelly Red.

    It’s making more sense now. He’s a self-loathing, closeted Commie trying to pass as something else.

  • Stella

    He and his Fordsquared masters want less government. Let’s start with the 3 of them. Buh-bye, sponger. He’s been in politics for, what, 20 years? Can’t get a REAL job?? How big is your pension now, Georgie-boy? Or are you willing to give that up to prove you aren’t personally gouging the public?

  • ah123

    I may not be a political scientist, but isn’t a call to all working class proletariat against the system the underlying premise to the Marxist theory? So in theory his page should be removed by himself for failing his own “smell of communism” test.

  • Dan Hummer

    how did this sh@@t happened to such a wonderful city??
    Mammoliti obviously is an opportunistic parasite, that would sell his child for a seat in government,change parties and direction according to his own needs or… the price of Real Estate in Toronto,AHH!!! and the government Mammoliti is SUPPOSED TO BE US!!!! you are there to do what the people want,

  • The Ghost of Jane Jacobs

    I’m guessing he won’t want me haunting his Facebook page either.

  • Robin Hannah

    This queerly angry and combative Councillor sits on our Mayor’s “elite” Executive Committee. That gives him great powers. Yet he seems to intensely dislike everyone south of, I don’t know, Lawrence? Or Sheperd?

    Apparently he can’t stand Torontonians. But to accuse his fellow Councillors of being “commies” and part of a Communist plot to take over City Hall, indicates deep mental illness.

    How will our Mayor Ford deal with this?

  • Robin Hannah

    Thousands of gay Canadians, and Ontarians, are dealing with cancer and other health issues. Yet this terminally angry Georgio Mammoliti creature/Councillor goes undercover at the Dyke Parade to take pictures, with a stated view to cancel all City funding for Pride.

    Just a tad creepy.

    Mayor Ford, you’ve made Mammoliti one of your Executive Committee. He now claims there’s a Communist infiltration at Toronto’s City Hall. I think he’s now somewhat lost his mind. What do you think, Mayor Ford?

    He may be a friend, but do you think he’s still fit for office? I don’t.

  • Just Saying….

    Seriously everyone… all sound like you’re jealous of how successful Mammoliti is. I’m not saying I’m a fan, but virtually none of your comments are about the article or the fact that at the marathon council meeting almost everyone there said they expect the City of Toronto to pay for services that are currently being paid for by the Provincial government. Most people didn’t even know what they were talking about.

  • Just Saying….

    Question – why do people refer to Mammoliti taping the Dyke Parade as creepy when his footage shows several others filming and taking pictures…..are they all creepy too? Is the Pride Parade creepy since they tape their festivities? just wondering why you’re highlighting a city official who verified hate speech at a city funded event as creepy? as a proud, gay person, I’m happy he did that….what’s creepy is that as gays we allow hate speech at an event that is only supposed to exist to support gays – not political messages about other countries….they have no place at Pride. Why can’t they have their own event and their own parade, why use ours? why isn’t that the point of all this….