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Reformed commie Giorgio Mammoliti can smell communism, and he doesn’t want its sour scent on his Facebook page


“I will be monitoring their comments and if I get a smell of communism, they’re off the page.” — Giorgio Mammoliti

That was the city councillor in an interview with the Toronto Star after the good folks at Torontoist broke the news that Mammoliti had created a Facebook page called “Save the City… Support the Ford Administration” to consult with the Toronto public regarding what should and shouldn’t receive city funds.

However, to get approval to join Mammoliti’s group, there is one condition: “You must not emit the sour odour of ‘communism,’ ” the councillor told the Star. Apparently, Mammoliti—who you might say was once something of communist himself, having been a union a leader in the 1980s and an NDP MPP in the early ’90s—is sick and tired of hearing from Toronto’s commies with all their “griping and whining.” When asked how he would sniff out communism, Mammoliti responded: “Only Mammoliti has that keen sense of smell” (yes, that would be the third person). Other things we suspect only Mammoliti can smell include unions, taxes, bicycles and graffiti.

Mammoliti: ‘If I get a smell of communism, they’re off the (Facebook) page’ [Toronto Star]