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Five stupid things Geert Wilders said during his stay in Toronto

Wilders campaigning against the European Constitution (Image: Jacco de Boer)

Last night, Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders visited Toronto, where he spoke to both Sun TV’s Ezra Levant and the Canada Christian College. Wilders, for the uninitiated, is the leader of the third-largest political party in the Netherlands and the one-trickiest of one-trick ponies. His ideology can be summed up, essentially, as such: he really, really doesn’t like Muslims. His “Party for [non-Muslim] Freedom” probably has other positions on important issues, but it’s his unfortunate views on Islam that get him invited to international speaking arrangements. So what does Wilders believe? We take a look at five of his most ridiculous statements after the jump.

1. Canada should ban the burka
According to the Toronto Sun, Wilders offered that “if Muslim women are forced to wear burkas covering their faces, they will never find jobs or have friends in Canada, and will forever be dependent on their husbands.” Even if that were true, broad attacks on religious clothing usually end up making the state look silly. Case in point: France. There, even moderate Muslim women began wearing the burka to protest the country’s blanket ban, and police complained that they had better things to do with their time. Oh, and speaking of moderate Muslims…

2. There’s no such thing as moderate Islam
Wilders regularly compares the Quran to Mein Kampf, which is the kind of rhetorical trick that even the Internet frowns upon. But, apparently, it isn’t too silly for newspaper columnists. Wilders says: “There is no moderate Islam….There is no good part of the Quran.” That’s one heck of a broad statement, and it also happens to be completely at odds with the actual experience of Canadian politics. The country’s various Muslim communities have long been engaged in an important conversation over what “moderate” and “extreme” mean, and how to adapt Islamic views to Canadian culture.

3. The Muslims are taking over
Stop us when this sounds familiar: “An increasingly vociferous Islamic lobby has led to the harassment of Christians, female genital mutilation and polygamy, [Wilders] said, adding that with its own growing Muslim community, Canada faces the same fate.” Wilders believes that Muslims’ growing numbers and religious devotion make them, both in the Netherlands and in Canada, a danger to democracy. Likewise, Levant says: “The challenges radical Islam poses in Holland today are challenges we will face tomorrow.” This is generally called the “Eurabia” scenario, and even a passing glance at the actual data reveals that it exists only in the fevered dreams of, well, people like Levant and Wilders.

4. Brown people go home
From Wilders: “If [Muslims] want to have Islamic culture, [they should] stay in the country where [they] came from.” Yikes. We’re pretty sure we shouldn’t need to explain why that’s an absurd position for a country of immigrants, especially one that’s been welcoming Muslims for decades now. Hell, even the right-of-centre party in Canada is busy soliciting the “very ethnic” vote. Not only does Canada want them, it wants them to vote in large numbers!

5. Muslims are a threat to gay rights
This just makes us laugh—not because we’re ignorant of the actual homophobia that exists in many Muslim countries, but because the march of gay rights in Canada and the Netherlands is happening at the same time that Wilders believes the battle against creeping Islamization is being lost.

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  • Michael

    While he’s clearly not a great guy, Susan, he should be allowed to say his piece. I don’t think anyone should be banned based on what they believe, or for speaking out about their beliefs. Yes, even if I don’t agree with them.

  • Geo

    It is a shame that someone like Geert Wilders can find an audience here in Canada. Even before Wilders I can’t help but question the following of Ezra Levent; a miserable and excitable whinner and complainer if there ever was one. A pet of McVety. Trouble makers all. I’m especially embarrassed as a Jew and as a Netherlander/Canadian and as a woman.

    All I can say is to be aware of our trouble-makers. Call them on their lies and hateful propaganda.

    If Wilder is an MP, why is he on speaking tours? Does he not have responsibilities back home? We know Levent has a “job”…SunTV. LOLOL!

  • glenster

    As long as you’re ethical and keep up to speed with the facts, you can believe in God, understanding faith as such for a possible God beyond the known things, this way or that or no way and be a nice person.

    The Qur’an defines homosexuality as a crime, and the hadiths prescribe serious punishment for it, wrong by the facts of science and bad by ethics, which makes Muhammad a sadistic homophobe.

    Muhammad said Allah wanted death for people who unrepentantly declared they left the religion Muhammad created. God is possible, but he didn’t like the possibility of someone getting familiar with his religious concoction and openly criticizing it–he wanted someone to kill them.

    Yet he left nothing compelling to substantiate that the orders to kill came from God’s word through Gabriel. Instead, he got some things wrong (homosexuality, where semen is created in the body, camel urine given as a remedy for sickness), which makes him a homicidal religious fanatic.

    The liberal may say they don’t want these punishments today because Muhammad isn’t around anymore getting (allegedly) divine messages. They’re nicer to us who want separation of church and state, if they’re probably still a homophobe and prone to get too cranky about criticism of their reigion. Unfortunately, the conservative would say if those things were serious crimes any time at all then they would be all the time (how would homosexuality be a serious crime for a little while?), so has a more consistent logic about the source material, if their limited bigoted outlook is bad for getting the facts right, ethics, and assimilation into society with separation of church and state.

  • Adam

    1. Canada should burn the burka! Do you honestly think muslim women are able to successfully integrate and become successful Canadians without their eyebrows showing?

    2. There are ‘moderate Muslims’, as in those whose values derive more from secular humanism and western culture than from the quran, but there is indeed no ‘moderate Islam’. Read the quran, see what the quran is all about, it is *not* moderate in the least.

    3. The social, economic, security problems of Muslims in Western Europe, especially in France, Germany, UK, the Netherlands, are real, not imaginary. In the Netherlands alone their have been two prominent, brutal assassinations of politicians who had criticized radical islam.

    4. Yes. Any immigrants who want to maintain values totally opposed to those of their new home — like refusing to recognize women or gays or Jews as equals — should stay in Saudi Arabia, thank you very much. Enough cultural relativism

    5. Just because gay rights are still strong in Western Europe is hardly evidence that they are not threatened by the rising Muslim population…

  • smith

    the God of the bible kills 70,000 innocent people because David ordered a census of the people (1 Chronicles 21). God also orders the destruction of 60 cities so that the Israelites can live there. He orders the killing of all the men, women, and children of each city, and the looting of all of value (Deuteronomy 3). He orders another attack and the killing of “all the living creatures of the city: men and women, young, and old, as well as oxen sheep, and asses” (Joshua 6). In Judges 21, He orders the murder of all the people of Jabesh-gilead, except for the virgin girls who were taken to be forcibly raped and married. When they wanted more virgins, God told them to hide alongside the road and when they saw a girl they liked, kidnap her and forcibly rape her and make her your wife! Just about every other page in the Old Testament has God killing somebody! In 2 Kings 10:18-27, God orders the murder of all the worshipers of a different god in their very own church! In total God kills 371,186 people directly and orders another 1,862,265 people murdered.

    People should be judged by how they interpret their own books and not by how we interpret it for them. If we were to do that we would have banned the bible a long time ago.

  • smitty

    Susan please your just one of the many passive people who allow our country to be dictated and overun by this idealogy. It is people like you who are threatening our freedom by sympathizing with these people. You should be ashamed of yourself

  • NN

    This guy should have been banned from entering Canada. Why then was George Galloway banned?
    He is racist and promotes hatred and everything that is against the Canadian Values.
    Shame on him and to whoever invited him.

  • Cory

    For all you Islamic sympathizers, I think the true test of whether Islam is good for the world today is to simply look at Muslim Countries today. They are the most intolerant of any country on earth. What then may I ask will happen when they form the Majority Here in Canada? Oh and remember it only tales 40% to for a Majority Government at this point. I think we are in serious trouble.

  • bergenvogel

    What RACE is Islam.

    Wilders criticizes an IDEOLOGY rather than a race.

    Islam is a misogynist and supremacist political IDEOLOGY.

    This IDEOLOGY aims to remove the human rights and civil liberties of anyone who is not a Muslim male.

    This IDEOLOGY is fascist because its normative form is military dictatorship, censorship of free speech and control of the economy by a clique who are also members-for-life of the unelected junta.

    What BENEFIT does this fascist, misogynist, totalitarian IDEOLOGY bring to Canada…one of the freest and egalitarian countries in the world?

  • Harry

    This is a shameful article with poorly thought out points, I wish the author would at least give some thought to what he wrote instead of just jumping on the bashing bandwagon.

    It actually reads as (poorly written) a paid-for anti-WIlders PR statement.

  • glenster

    “If we were to do that we would have banned the bible a long time ago.”

    Basically, the NT did that regarding the type of OT examples you mention a
    long time ago–Jesus said the people before were only brought along so far,
    even only popularly embracing monotheism in the time of Isaiah. Jesus said
    blessed is he who hasn’t seen yet believes–faith understood as such.

    Accordingly, there was no more need for a country with the religion as the law
    of the land and a militia to defend it, not even ethically arbitrary food and
    clothes rules that just set the followers off from people in a ‘centric way.
    I think the liberal argument about homosexuality makes more sense for it, too.
    They were to go among all kinds of people, not giving offense but sacrificing of
    themselves to gain others to God. (1 Cor.10:32-11:1) If you’re going to believe
    in God, that’s basically how to do it.

    Several hundred years after the NT, Roman Emporer Theodosius made it the law
    of the land, unfortunately. Neither the belief nor non-belief tance should be
    law of the land or people will be hurt or killed over something nobody should be
    hurt or killed about.

    In the early 600′s, Muhammad basically brought back all the problems of the
    OT: the religion as law of the land with a militia to defend it and death for
    apostates, homosexuality as a crime to be punished severely, even arbitrary food
    and clothes rules.

    Wilders is too much of a flame warrior about it, though.

  • Londoner

    This hopelessly naive article is the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and screeching “lalalalalalala” to the world.

    In London a gay march in the east end of London was called off for fear of offending muslims who are oattacking gays and threatening shops were non-muslim shopworkers do not wear scarfs.

    What Wilders says Islamism = Islam. While there may be good people who believe they are muslims, real islam is a homophobic, mysogenist, separatist and supremacist religion.

  • Joan

    That article was written by a person who is typically ignorant about the real Islam-West situation.

    Because there are some “benign” Muslims around does in no way mean there are not many who have extremist ideas according to their religious beliefs, and the truth is that you really CAN’T tell one kind of Muslim from the other. For all you know there’s a Muslim in your own neighborhood who is being radicalized and wants to become an anti-western cleric or terrorist .
    And the ultimate Islamic objective is to see Islam, complete with it’s 7th century Sharia religious rules, dominate all societies .

    It doesn’t matter how many “nice” Muslims are around. All it takes is a handful to kill 3000 people in one attack. But that 9/11 kind of ATTACK IS NOT THE MOST DANGEROUS KIND, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. The worst thing is the relatively slow, deliberate, imposing of Muslim religious lifestyle on our democratic cultures. It’s a fanatic 7th century culture demanding recognition and privlege and determined to have it’s way. It has gotten so you can’t even criticize Islam without being punished one way or the other.

    They go by the Koran and the Koran teaches Islamic superiority, and it’s agenda demands Muslims convert or destroy all “unbelievers”. They want an Islamic Europe and an Islamic world-wide Caliphate. ( government ) .

    Geert Wilders is right on target- absolutely right ; either listen to him now or be sorry tomorrow. Maybe Canada, like America, won’t feel the change in their society soon because they are both large countries. But the small countries of Europe sre really feeling the pressure, and starting to rebel against it.

    The thing about Wilders is that he is ahead of the others. He has insight AND foresight – those who value their freedoms, their human rights, and their national identity should be glad there is someone brave enough to speak out against the tyranny of religious extremism. He says what many, many others have wanted to say, but were too afraid to talk. Bless him- he’s a rare and couragious person ; there aren’t many like him, and he certainly has more perspective than any one of these journalists who are always calling him a racist or some other nonsensical thing. He’s NOT racist, you stupids–Islam is NOT a race.

    He’s positively correct also when he says there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam. He’s right. There are not different types of Islam. Islam is Islam. And you can’t have Islam without hate , violence, and bondage ( lack of liberty ) any more than you can have an omlete without eggs

    Don’t blame a couragious freedom-fighter like Wilders for trying to expose Islam and telling you the truth–don’t blame him for not wanting a mosque in the tulip fields !

  • Abruh

    It really thrilled me that those non-Muslims were soooo afraid of the Muslims (or is it Islam?) To think that we were merely cavemen and deprived of worldly creature comforts with no modern faculties and war tools to fight back.

  • Joan

    Something else really needs to be said : in response to your article “Five Stupid Things “etc. I must tell you that your idea of ” stupid things ” is stupid .

    You think he’s wrong to want to ban the burqua. Well, male of the species, don’t kid yourself. Any time a woman has to wear an outfit in the 21st century that hides her from top to toe and is afraid to not wear it something is very wrong. That burqua; even that scarf, is a symbol of the oppression of women . And if you hear some woman say she doesn’t mind wearing it, don’t you believe it. The only reason she says that is to save face. She’s got some pride too. Wake up–a woman “wants” to wear a burqua because she knows she has no choice; because she has to. Dressing like that is not practical either. I’ll let you figure that out .

    You say Wilders is wrong to say there is no such thing as moderate Islam. Obviously, you haven’t learned anything about Islam. Of course there’s no such thing as moderate Islam. Have you read the Koran ? Wilders has. Where do you think Islamic ideas; laws ; rules come from ? Don’t criticize a knowledgable person like Wilders until you know more than him.

    So you know some moderate Muslims. That doesn’t prove a thing . As Wilders says, there are many moderate Muslims. But one thing you can bet on : they do NOT adhere to the strict Islamic rules the way they are supposed to to be good Muslims. So don’t make that mistake again. Islam is never moderate if it goes by the Koran, which is the source of Islam.

    So he’s also wrong to think Muslims are taking over ? Well, tell you what you do : start to find out for yourself if this is true or not. Read books, watch videos, listen to speeches, get online and read about it, talk to someone from one of the small countries in Europe. There are a lot of things you can do to educate yourself on the subject. Once you tune in to the facts you will understand what Wilders is talking about. The Islamists have a “God-given ” duty to perform, and they are united in that belief. They pursue an Islamic world; it is a duty given them by Allah, and they are crazy enough about their religion to never say die–they will continue to try and reach that goal. Ever see those pictures of Islamists standing around on the streets carrying signs saying “Islam will dominate ! ” and “Sharia now ! ” ?

    In your words Wilders is saying “Brown people go home “. Those are your words, not his. And they are mean-spirited , (as you meant them to be.) To say that about him is rubbish. He has nothing against one race or the other; he is a fair -minded person, and a humanitarian. That’s why he doesn’t like Islam- it’s NOT fair and it is inhumane. The only people he wants to send home are those who come to a country and don’t try to integrate into the host country’s mainstream society. Or those who make trouble, will not support themselves or who commit crimes. And he is wise to say “close the gates” to any more Muslim immigrants in Holland. Holland doesn’t need any more mosques, burquas, freeloaders, or Muslim gangs who attack Jews and homosexuals on the streets at nights. Let Holland be Holland. Islamization will bury it . Why don’t you visit Holland- then talk about it ?

    You think he’s wrong to say Muslims are a threat to gays ? What planet are you from ? Of course they are a threat to gay people. The Koran teaches that homosexuality is a terrible sin, and gays should be severly punished or killed. Gays get abused all the time by Muslim radicals.

    So you see- when you talk so negatively about Geert Wilders you are doing so because you have not yet learned enough about the facts of Islam, and Islamization. Either that or you just don’t like the guy. I think you made up your mind way before you even heard him.

    I know one thing for sure : we need more men like him.

  • freethink_freespeech

    Wilders actual views and statements (the ones unflitered by media bias reporting him) are somewhat different than those presented and reacted to here in the article and its ensuing comments.

    It’s important to hear him out, as he is being refreshingly outspoken about a problem seen in Europe he is warning other countries of, that of the effects of one culture or inflexible religion (with a lot of rigid rules generally punished by ostracism or death, to take the fatwas and doctrines literally as some do) will have on a community that is too willing to accommodate.

    Luckily for Wilders and for us, we allow differing points of view and free speech in our countries, but it sounds like from some of the comments that people want to limit that freedom.

    Where is the “hate” in speaking against the trends that are being seen in other cultures, where one fiercely conformist and ideological group grows to eventually encroach on the host society’s more tolerant and relaxed ways, under the banner of “respect”?

    Someone suggested to ban the bible too: although that would be a great idea: to do away with *all* divisive Iron Age philosophies based on worship of imaginary beings, cults of personality, and outdated rules– but unfortunately we can’t force people to use reason and critical thinking when indoctrination has already taught them lies about the world and the purpose of its people.

  • Erica

    While this insane clown was allowed to enter Canada, George Galloway was barred? I’m moving.

  • All About Adam

    Regarding Adam’s comment: “In the Netherlands alone their have been two prominent, brutal assassinations of politicians who had criticized radical islam.”

    Incorrect. I lived in the Netherlands during this period. One politician, Pim Fortuyn was killed by a white Dutch animal rigths activist after Fortuyn supported fur farming.

    Theo van Gogh, film director and great grandson of the Theo van Gogh who was the brother of artist Vincent, was assassinated on the streets of Amsterdam by a Dutch-Moroccan. This murder was allegedly provoked by a van Gogh film entitled Submission, written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, which dealt with violence against women in Islamic society.

    Get your facts straight before you start spewing…

  • Binyamin Mizrachi

    I wonder if Wilders targets wiould be say Jews or Christians would some here be as obnoxious. And what was this I read in the Sun about Weelders people confiscating the notes of a Sun reporter. This is sick

  • slick willie jihad

    geert wilder is correct, the only problem is people wont listen to him until its too late.

  • RB

    Noh. Please don’t think Wilders is representing the general Dutch opinion about Islam… Yes, sadly enough people voted for him, but they are still greatly outnumbered by the ones that just want to see him go!

  • awake-awake

    They ( muslim – moderate muslims are temporary only) made big mistake on 9/11, 2001. If they didn’t do it, they could slowly make a penetration in every aspect of our society with our mild opposition, destroying all our values.
    One day 9/11 will be a “celebration day”

    Someone who already had such expearance

  • Grietje

    Ok. I normally don’t respond to articles but I feel I have to. I’m Dutch and I’m REALLY ashamed of everything this man says. A lot of Dutch people oppose and reject his ideas. Only 1,5m people voted for him (which of course is 1.5m too many), and for most people this is only because he promised to invest in the health sector. Which of course he didn’t. Just so you know.

  • RB

    Also, even among his voters, I do not even think that many people really share these extreme and racist ideas; as a populist politician he is rather good in sounding appealing in many other areas – health care, pension, etc. To me it is more an attack on the urban “elite” that used to be in charge (the good old days, when politicians in the Netherlands were boring and words with more than 2 syllables were still used in debates). So bye-bye to the student financial aid system, art funding, etc.

  • Dutchie

    Geert Wilders is correct when he states islam is a threat to the west. I for one do not want halal meat forced upon me, neither do I wish to see mosques springing up all over the countryside.
    The invasion of these barbarians must be resisted at all costs.

  • RB

  • NinethoftheNine

    Goodness, goodness me. What a collection of illiterate rambling. Take the statement “there is no such thing as moderate Islam”. Well, if you know anything about the subject, you would know that’s a reference to Ibn Warraq’s famous dictum “There are moderate Muslims, but Islam is not moderate”. He’s right about that, and his scholarship is one of the finest in the world.

    Islam is anti-gay? Well, we’ve seen “No Gay” areas materialize in London, and where do you think this lovely trend is going? And so on. And so on. Honestly, learn to read and to think before you write.

    Anyone who buys this nonsense is a willing fool.

  • Joram

    Oh and Joan: You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Do you know any muslims ? i doubt you do else you wouldnt say the women dont say they dont want to wear the scarf to save face. Where do you get these facts ? I have many muslim friends and i can tell you most of what you typed there is a load of crap. Go and get to know some muslims before you make these conclusions.

  • sanpotkins

    While I believe that Canada can assimilate people from all over; He’s right on concerns about demographics from the predominantly Arab part of the Islamic world where many if not all their young men want to move west. The low birthrate in western countries means our culture, mainly western and Christian is going to change with the movement and birthrate of these new arrivals. This should concern even aloof agnostic intellectuals who wouldn’t last a minute in a back street in Istanbul or Cairo, like Gwen Dire who never met a western religion or conservative political group he didn’t want to destroy!
    What is the fascination with the west? Partly mass media driven I’d guess. Dreams of easier existence and less competition. Arabs never move too or stay in Muslim countries. They try and re-invent as Europeans or “white’ westerner type identities, many unable to reconcile the old with the new. They want to drive BMW and chase blond girls just like us I guess. They can also do that in there own country if they want. There aren’t enough jobs for their youths to work. That is the same in Europe as well. So why do underemployed Europeans feel they have to adopt mass Muslim migration? Wasn’t movement from former eastern bloc countries supposed to help with disparities in labor in places like England and Holland? What a dirty deal this EU must seem like to an English or Polish tradesman. That is what Mr. Wilder asks. why are we being bullied by media and politically Correct ‘corporate right’ into accepting these guys? Or to pretend we are comfortable and happy when we actually aren’t?
    Here in Canada the post-1945 social liberals have fed us a 19th century/Imperialist guilt complex that distorts time lines and facts, creating a left-wing orientated pathos toward western institutions and religion. Ultimately allowing us to evade the deeper questions about the politics and history of western civilization. (Yes there was history in Europe before the British, Nazis and Soviets!!!) Like: ding ding ding! for 500$! the plight of central and eastern Europe as a buffer zone against the massive Ottoman empire that had killed or enslaved millions of European Christians from the 1300′s right up until 1912. It probably had more to do with igniting Christianity’s greatest cataclysm: world war one than most people now. (read massacre of Bulgarians in the 1870′s) It never had to take the blame because by 1919 it (sultanate of Rum) no longer existed politically. Yet the Turks were quietly allowed to consolidate most of central Asia as a part of modern Turkey. Now maybe with the EU they are going to be ‘European’ too. Doesn’t matter what your average Hungarian or Dutch man says or thinks.
    One could argue that Islam was a distant curiosity to most westerners right up until the 1970′s. We are no longer naively curious or romantic about Islam the way we once could have been. Lets just get it right with immigration that should reflect our current diversity and needs of the country and maintain both. That means not giving this place away. Not even making it a political volley ball. This isn’t a game its our country’s safety and identity we are talking about. Were Russians migrating here during the cold war? So why this slip in common sense? align entry and immigration with security or we’ll all pay the piper for our arrogance.

  • Ninethofthenine

    Joram, I take it you’d be one of those “retarded village people”, given your precarious grip on spelling and grammar?

  • Gary

    What a shameful misrepresentation of what the man said. “Brown people go home”? That’s not what he said at all. I would be embarrassed to publish this on my website.

  • michael

    Hey don,t shoot the messenger..Europe has changed radically,
    is it so wrong to want to preserve one’s heritage.
    Whether by design or by nature , our generous nature will be taken advantage of. One day you will wake up and say wheres my country.

  • Richard

    There have always been people who keep referring to God of the old testament as an evil entity. Okay so it is my turn at this.
    God, in reference to everything is known as being the “one”, this denotes that He was, is, and will always be “first”.
    When I read the old testament I find the same thing that many people see, an evil entity.
    Let me put this into perspective to the God of the new testament. God changed; therefore God, being first had “changed”, so we humans can also “change”.
    Whether the God of Israel, Islam, or Christianity, the point is that God was the “first” to change, and it serves to make sense that if one claims to be a believer and a follower of God, this one must also change from that of animal nature into that of human nature or the nature of humanity in all of it’s states of empathy, love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and grace. All of this with a hope of becoming a “spiritually conscious individual as being a part of a whole, and that is humanity itself.

  • Alien

    Cavemen with modern weapons is the biggest threat to mankind …

  • ron banerjee canadian hindu advocacy

    We agree 100 percent with Geert WIlders. We were VIP guests at the event along woth Meir Weinstein of the JDL, As Hindus we know exactly what a fascist ideology Islam is.

    Ron Banerjee
    Canadian Hindu Advocacy

  • Alien

    About Islam ( what Wilders knows and most journalist and politicians not!
    The conceptual framework (paradigm) of Islam is alien to Western thinking. The risk is that Muslim concepts are interpreted in a western way and misunderstood, especially the postmodernists who lost their antenna for such analysis. It’s therefore essential to explain some key concepts from the Muslim scriptures, which we call as the principal: The Koran (often translated differently than the Arabic original text) and the Hadith and the Sharia (authentic writings of Khomeini, who over 1 billion Muslims saw as their spiritual leader).

    War and Peace in Islam (Chapter 4 of the brochure Two faces, one Muslim)

    Islam a religion of peace?
    In a short time Europeans had to get used to a variety of Arabic terms such as expression of various Islamic concepts.There are many foreign words and terms of a foreign world for us to unlock! It becomes even more difficult when familiar words are used so, that suddenly they get a very different meaning. Words with a negative label such as ‘treason’ or ‘pretend’ or ‘assassination’ in the Muslim mind have a positive charge, such as a means to victory or martyrdom, and access to paradise. On the other hand concepts used in the west that have a positive charge such as ‘dialogue ‘,’democracy’ or ‘integration’, by Muslims are seen as despicable and decadent “kafir-thinking’ (thinking of non-Muslims, ” infidels “) and are set aside and even used against us.

    The key question is: Is Islam a religion of peace? And the answer is: it all depends on from which viewpoint (western or muslim) you look.
    Muslims answer this question obviously as yes. But western people should not be calmed down until we know what they mean. We look at it from our western conception of tolerance, but maybe we are wrong as much as with the communists, who once preached coexistence.
    Peace (salem) corresponds to Dar al-Islam, the House of Islam, and is both Dar al-Salam, the House of Peace. This includes the merging of church/mosque and state utterly and therefore in their eyes “westernized” countries such as Turkey, Algeria and Egypt that dropped out of true faith and thus the first target of the fighters for the real and true Islam.

    Dissenters, such as Jews and Christians are tolerated as “dhimmis” in this society, the Arabic expression for “loggers and water carriers”, cf Joz. 9:21.
    Salem = reign of Dar al-Islam. This exists now in a growing number of Muslim countries, provinces or states, such as northern Nigeria. A society is considered as Dar al-Islam (House of Islam) when it introduced the sharia, where law is no longer spoken by kafirs but by clerics. It means both the elimination of all other laws, or – in transition – to overrule all laws of a country, including their constitution by the Law of Islam. Only when all countries belonging to the Dar al-Islam and sharia global thinking, culture and laws of the kafirs have been repressed, all human beings will live under the blessed Islamic Umma.

    As long as there is no global Salem, Islam is at war with all countries not covered by Dar al-Islam. Indeed, while Islam feels threatened and even attacked by all non-Islamic countries in this sense, they are in the Dar al-Harb or the House (the) state of war. These countries are becoming increasingly corrupt , decadent and in great tension and conflict and are divided into:
    1. the ‘apostate and hypocritical “states that once the” blessings of Islam “have known, including all of Palestine
    2. the kafir countries who are in a state of disorder because of their “backward” culture and laws, dictated by their ignorance and unbelief.
    3. Kafir countries with a significant Muslim minority lie between these two and apply as Dar al-Kufr (House of Unbelief).

    Jihad = establishment of Dar al-Islam.
    The instrument to achieve the Dar al-Harb to Dar al-Islam is the jihad, or holy war. This allows the Qur’an (eg in the Suras 2, 8 and 47) no mistake. The jihad has three phases:
    1. the heart, the mind of the individual;
    2. the use of the word, on stage, in the press, books and propaganda like in a socialist / communist model;
    3. classical jihad is the act, an ‘invitation’ to interact (read: cultural invasion) with the philosophy and conceptual framework of the Party * 6, resulting in the introduction of sharia.

    Of these, only the first phase jihad is regarded as religious, but at the same time conditioning the second and third phases. The second (and obviously the third) stage are only ideological and political.
    This second phase includes:
    1. teaching mosque and school to the members of the Muslim community or umma-conscious. jihad-awareness
    2. the information out, by this stage, to be a “religious” and to fall under freedom of speech and freedom of religion

    Hudne = delay of Dar al-Islam
    The term ‘ceasefire’ down sufficiently the true meaning of a motto that Muhammad used in his campaigns. Him when his opponents were too strong, he offered this one ‘hudne’, ie a peace-of-a-certain-time of up to ten years. When the Meccans went into this, slacking their vigilance until the next campaign of the Prophet were defeated. You can therefore be described as hudne: You prepare for battle by the opponent to throw sand in the eyes.
    The concept hudne (English: tricks) is similar to the concept of coexistence that the Communists told their opponents. Those who went for this, were given the non flattering name “usefull idiots” by Lenin.
    The history of Islam is full of ‘tricks’ and enemies explained it wrongly (such as “status quo”), they discovered the real meaning only when it was too late (and no longer had to explain). Arafat also applied this tactic, “Land for Peace” is an utopia.
    Presently, this misunderstanding regarding the so-called moderate or integrated Muslims who adopted (for now) our view of tolerance and democracy is a trojan horse. Without us realizing that after some period the positive achievements of the Dar al-Harb will not survive the (virtual or tangible and visible) Sharia Dar al-Islam.
    So Muslims have little respect for Christians and Humanists including the ‘dialogue’ concept. At a Christian – Muslim dialogue meeting a participant asked why the Muslims not even took the initiative for such meetings. The main Muslim participant said: ‘ Why should we? You have nothing to teach us because you have nothing to say ‘.

    Takija ( adjustment = hypocrisy).
    People who have known all this, deliberately exclude this explanation, so that others (who do not know better) get the wrong impression and
    are in a false way reassured. For example, when Muslims talk about the concept of religious freedom. This is not compatible with Western views. Would they use this meaning we give to it , to them it would mean the end of Islam as Muhammad would have been a false prophet .Would there be real religious freedom in the Muslim countries, this would lead to a mass exodus from Islam. Eg the phrase: “You are not compelled to believe ” is only for the faithful Muslim, but “Infidels” (or “address believers’) can not invoke. With other words, you can still enter Islam, but not get out. Takija falls under the so-called dialogue of religions, focusing on identify common features (in addition to any differences) of the three monotheistic religions “to serve the so-called Abrahamic ecumenism.
    The German orientalist Dr. Hans-Peter Raddatz (Author of the bestseller “Von Gott zu Allah” ), calls this dialogism, in his book he even speaks of dialogue- industry!
    The distinction between “radical” (fundamentalist) and moderate Muslims is covered by Takija. For example, when in a city or region
    Muslims are a majority, and on this basis, the Dar al-Islam is proclaimed, then all entering the sharia – the moderate and even nominal – Muslims.
    Takija is also the view that we only have something to fear from fundamentalist Muslims and that the other Muslims are integrated so that they will not be admissible.

    Islamic Umma
    Islamic Umma is the community of muslims, the global muslim consciousness. This is more than a latent identity, a sense of connectedness. It is
    the breeding ground for global work towards the establishment of the Dar al-Islam. It is what all Muslims – Shiites and Sunnis, Orthodox and liberals, literate and illiterate, and radicals – tie together.
    The dynamics of the Islamic Umma is fueled by so-called Muslim Brotherhood that transcends state active. Like Christianity also the Muslim community in the West is exposed to modern and post-modern influence. Even though the imams in the West have no official ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, bringing them their Umma consciousness inspires their sermons to focus on the implementation of the Dar al-Islam. And how greater the Umma (Muslim community) is, the stronger the salvation direction ( = attack power).

    Umma sense.
    This is so common that from all the leading Islam leaders in Germany nobody officially has distanced themselves from the WTC attacks.
    Rather, the attacks were greeted with great joy, and was rejoiced in a.o. the mosques of Munich. Obviously there is a small minority of Muslim intellectuals in the world, but often they are not mutually organized and are seen as traitors to the Umma Islam. Therefore, in their home countries they are often silenced or even persecuted and killed.

    Translated from an article by Dr. R.H. Matzke

  • Terry Smith

    Here’s the Iranians hanging homosexual males

    How much evidence do you need, please?

  • Joan

    Oh Joram- you must be Muslim, because they are the only men who fool themselves into thinking their women like to wear those outfits that look like tents, or cover even their eyes, or wear scarves because they want to be “modest” .
    It doesn’t matter how many Muslims I know or don’t know- the fact is that their religion ( which isn’t so much a religion as it is a political and totalitarian ideology ) sucks big time. This is the twenty first century, almost all religions have changed for the better by now, but Islam is still in the past. Wilders says don’t expect the non-Muslims to accept that kind of backward culture, don’t expect us to change for you- you come into another country , you adjust to that country, you should NOT expect us to change for you. He says Muslims, who breed like rabbits and have large families, will change the look and environment of a nation so it begins to lose it’s identity, and HE’S RIGHT.
    “Knowing Muslims” isn’t going to change the facts about Islam. I really don’t feel one way or the other about most Muslims. Well, not exactly true–I DO feel sorry for them, because they are victims of their own backward religion. Wilders doesn’t hate Muslims, but he’d have to be pretty stupid to not see that Islam is a 7th century inhumane ideology after he’s become knowledgable about it. So would I. I once was like most ignorant and blissful people about Islam. Then I learned about it . and just the thought of it makes me sick.
    People ( like you ) who think Wilders is a jerk hate him , not because he’s wrong, but because they know he’s RIGHT. They can’t bear the idea that someone finally spoke out against the fanatic intentions of Islam concerning the West, and has the guts to expose it .

    You are a “moderate” Muslim ? There are many like you, right ? That doesn’t mean a thing, because it isn’t your type who Wilders is warning us about . And tell me : WHY should a small and heavily populated country like Holland want Muslim immigrants ? Why should it want more mosques ? Why does it need Muslims praying in the streets ? What good are they ? He is wise to tell his fellow Dutch citizens to close the gates to Muslim immigrants. Holland needs them like it needs the black death.

  • JB

    I moved to the UK from Canada five years ago. Its quite distressing to see my fellow Canadians putting their fingers in their ears and pretending that guys like Wilders are just crazy racists.
    Just last week in east London a woman had acid thrown on her face because she didnt listen to the local nutjobs that demanded she start wearing a veil. Honour killings dont even make the news anymore. Islamists burn poppies on rememberence day in the centre of town.
    Please Canada, come down off that high horse before its too late.

  • WalterP

    Why do I have a vision of similar meetings and speeches being given in Munich in the 30s?

  • iatepi

    So if Im reading this correctly , our great country that you say is so all accepting , now shouldnt allow this man to voice his opinion. I have a feeling this article was written by a muslim that is not willing to respect free speech. Toronto Life , you need to edit these rants a little better. We are all allowed to have an opinion , even if it goes against the grain of this bitter journalist.

  • Ben Lawson

    Wow, this article has brought out the mouth-breathing xenophobes in surprising numbers. Who turned the rock over and pointed them in this direction?

  • Dan

    The bible isn’t any better, doesn’t it say that homosexuals should be killed also and that adulterers should be stoned to death? Didn’t God drown millions with the flood?

    As for those suggesting that Muslim countries are the least tolerant let’s consider who has the most blood on their hands.
    The Germans massacred millions during WW2 as did the Soviets before, during, and after WW2. Serbs massacred and raped Bosnians and Croats by the tens of thousands in the 90s and during colonial times almost all European countries were guilty of heinous crimes against humanity. Tally up the numbers and you’ll find that Christian countries have by far the worst records.

  • A Dutchmen

    Wilders is a hate-evangalist and one of the most hated people in Holland himself. He claims to almost have a crystal ball vision. Islamisation is just a conspiracy theory, prompted by his financial master Israel, which he visits several times a year.

    In the Netherlands there is no transparency in the ledgers of the political parties. Our politics want to change that. Full transparency. Only the PVV(Wilders), is against such transparency.

    Further, in the Netherlands, the PVV, has been comparised with Hitler’s NSDAP by the majority of the Dutch people. Especially by older people who experienced the war

    sorry it’s not what the party has no members outside of Wilders,

  • Richard

    It is obvious that emotions still control the people of this world as much as emotions control the actions of a child. Has anyone ever heard of tripartite systems? Judaism is reported to be a religion of tradition, this can show us the importance of things like FAMILY UNITY, and the need to hang onto some of the good things that tradition allows us.

    Islam, believe it or not is often reported as being a religion of logic, this teaches us of the importance of doing away of that which is useless and trivial such as overdoing it o desires of the flesh. “All Humans have four basic needs and they are; eating, drinking, sleeping, and physical activity, all else is desire”

    Christianity is a religion of faith, and this faith is supposed to teach us that we cannot ever see the face of God, therefore we must have FAITH that He exists, and in some way be assured that all things in nature (humans a re a part of this nature)seek to find the path to least resistance.

    If one can see: The true life is lived and experienced in the immediate, and consists of tradition logic and faith, this one will be inside and the rest will be left outside where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, regardless of what RELIGION one adheres to, one is either on the outside looking in or on the inside NOT looking out.

    I do not qualify as an expert in any field, although I can be qualified as a human with two eyes of 20/20 vision, two ears which are fully functional, and a mouth which I use to impart notions and impressions of PEACE.

    Not the peace the world argues for but the peace that is found in holding onto traditions, logic and faith. It is good still that there are those who must argue and debate as it is in this manner that they too will one day come back inside where some people have been since the beginning and who have never left the One true God, the creator.

    I really enjoy all of your arguments, its better than reading a book. Keep it up.

  • Rusty

    I find the number of uninformed people here scary. Enjoy your caliphate!

  • Popsiq

    Wilders has a ‘pet’ Muslim or two, I’ll bet. It’s what real Herrnmenschen do.

  • Dutch Guy

    I’m pretty sure most, if not all, of you guys here ever visited let alone lived in a muslim (= Arabic) country!

    Nor have I done like wise in Canada; But believe you me, as for Europe in general and the Netherlands in particular: Islam and judea / christianity are just NOT compatible…

    I challenge you, try establishing a Christian community in Saudia Arabia….

    God bless you all who can!

  • JOJI

    I support him and his way of thinking. We are a lost country if we don’t stand up and speak out now. 10-20 years from now this country will be in serious trouble if we don’t get a grip.

    Politicians are the ones to blame, cheering on immigrants and bowing to them for their vote in this past election made me sick! What about Canadians that were born here?? We obviously don’t matter already!

  • chris

    For the muslims lovers:

    Maybe you agree even with these muslims from Netherland which are screaming: All Jews to the Gas…

    So Geert, has reasons to hate them too..

  • Mohammad

    Geert Wilders is right!!

    He sees the future. I’m a born Muslim but non practicising. I eat pork, drink alcohol, and am tolerant of humanity – all creeds, sexes, religions, races, etc.

    The Muslim world is tight. You are either a Muslim or you’re not. If you’re not… you’re an enemy. It doesn’t matter where.. you’re a target.

    The Muslim world has many challenges not brought on by the Western nations; which they fault for their failures, but rather their own shortcomings which they’ll never admit.

    The radicalization of Islam is a serious threat to North America and western nations.

    If we bow down..they’ll win.. and they’ll control us. They’ll put their speakers up everywhere.. they’ll ban women from wearing skirts, they’ll ban music. They’ll ban progress. And we’ll go back to the dark ages.

  • chinook

    The large-scale and unwanted presence of Muslims in the West has brought about a situation, for those indigenous non-muslims (and also for other non-indigenous arrivals, non-Muslim immigrants), that is unpleasant, expensive (the costs of monitoring, the costs of security, spiralling ever upward), and physically dangerous.

    The peoples of the West are now enduring, or suffering, the consequences not of undifferentiated “immigration” but. rather, of Muslim immigration — and the American press hardly begins to touch this topic, to sink beneath the surface of things, and everywhere, the indigenous Europeans regret bitterly the heedlessness of their own political and media elites in allowing in so many Musims over just a short time — the last 20-30 years — and the fact that, because of this large-scale Muslim presence, life for those indigenous non-Muslims who live in societies,and countries, created entirely by non-Muslims (and none of their artistic, literary, musical achievements or political and religious freedoms for one minute conceivable under Islam), has become far more unpleasant, unsettled, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence.

  • jay oink

    Mcgrath the infidel dhimmie ,there is only one god and mohammid said that god is allah ,no music ,no free speech ,9 yr old girls getting married at 6,stealth jihad or boom goeas the terrorist,you goof

  • jay oink

    A warning to those who believe that electing a “conservative” government automatically will inspire tougher measures to fight radical Islam: Canadians know from experience that this formula does not always work as planned.

    When Canadian voters again rejected the nation’s “natural ruling party” — the Liberals — and handed the Conservatives their second minority government in the fall of 2008, Islamist Watch asked some prominent Canadians how Prime Minister Stephen Harper would tackle creeping Shari’a and other manifestations of homegrown radical Islam.

    Two years later, it is time to revisit those questions.

    In 2008, Ezra Levant, a lifelong Conservative Party supporter, had just emerged as the country’s premier critic of Islamist lawfare, having been hauled before a government tribunal for publishing the infamous “Muhammad cartoons.” Back then, Levant said that he was optimistic about the government’s commitment to battling domestic Muslim belligerence.

    Today, he admits that “progress is slower” than he had hoped, but Levant remains encouraged by what he has seen. For example, he lauds the Conservatives’ refusal to bow to international progressive pressure to somehow rescue “child soldier” and Canadian citizen Omar Khadr, who currently is being held at Guantanamo and just pleaded guilty to murdering an American medic during a 2002 firefight in Afghanistan.

    On the home front, Levant reports that through sharp criticism and even funding cuts, “the government continues to marginalize the worst groups out there, such as the Canadian Islamic Congress” (CIC) — the Islamist body that unsuccessfully attempted to silence Mark Steyn — “and the Canadian Arab Federation,” a peddler of anti-Semitism and 9/11 conspiracy theories.

    However, the ruling government faces a continuous uphill battle when instituting even moderate reforms such as those, due in large part to Canada’s particular parliamentary structure.

    “The main problem for deep reform remains the minority government,” Levant explains. “For example, a few months ago when there was evidence of niqab-clad women boarding a plane without revealing their faces, the Conservatives called for the matter to be discussed at a parliamentary committee. The [left-leaning] opposition parties, which together have a majority on all committees, blocked that discussion.”

    Salim Mansur agrees that any analysis of the Harper government’s successes and failures must take mundane political realities into account. However, the author of Islam’s Predicament: Perspectives of a Dissident Muslim is not willing to excuse the Conservatives for failing to embrace necessary reforms.

    Mansur accuses Harper of holding back on reforms because the prime minister fears alienating Muslim and centrist voters. Yet Mansur is convinced that if the Conservatives were bolder in their opposition to radical Islam, they would gain more overall votes than they would lose.

    “It looks to me,” says Mansur, that Harper “wants to win the majority without in any way rousing any controversy over the subject of Islamist jihad that he fears will make him lose centrist votes, hand the opposition a political stick to beat him up with, allow the mainstream media to paint him as a redneck, and drive him out of leadership if he cannot win the next election with a majority. So Harper is playing safe politically and he is betting that this subject will not turn into the make-or-break issue in the next election.”

    One of the issues that Mansur says Harper is trying to avoid is immigration reform. It has not escaped the average Canadian’s notice that Omar Khadr’s parents were immigrants, as were members of the Toronto 18 terrorist group and leaders of the lawfare campaigns targeting Levant and Steyn. Stories about Toronto’s “welfare harems” and Quebec’s proposed burqa ban also have been widely reported.

    The more the muslim gets the more he demands .It his duty to spread the cult ,women have only 1/2 the right to exist as the man ,stoning for adulttry is very common anywhere Sharia law rules ,wonders if mcgraff ever sees a utube on stoning .For real knowledge macgraff should explore the site jihad watch

  • Kevin

    How truly, utterly pathetic! The wing-nut downtown Toronto crowd is at it again … let’s get this straight: it’s the Muslim hate-mongers who are a threat to civilized society, NOT Mr. Wilders … pull your heads outta your you-know-what!

    Let’s see … has Mr. Wilders called Jews swine and threatened to “wipe Israel off the map”? Has Mr. Wilders attempted to kidnap the Prime Minister and blow up the CN Tower, or Times Square, or the Eiffel tower? Has Mr. Wilders launched rockets into Tel Aviv? Did Mr. Wilders bomb the London subway system in July of 2005? Did Mr. Wilders orchestrate 9/11? Did Mr. Wilders bring down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie? Has Mr. Wilders ever perpetrated an “honor killing” or countless other acts of barbarity??? Tell me: are we searched / patted down / x-rayed at airports because of anything Mr. Wilders has said or done???

    As always, you “feel” your arguments rather than think them through. In your childish (and no doubt deeply profound university-educated) mindset, instead of facts or logic you once again play the weary, tiresome, and emotional “hate” card. Get something straight: Mr. Wilders doesn’t “hate” anyone; he’s opposed to a perverse religious ideology that expresses itself politically through Sharia Law. Sixty-five years ago the western democracies opposed a strikingly similar Nazi ideology sweeping across Europe, and went to war to do so. Likewise with Japan. No one – NO ONE! – at that time ever suggested it was because FDR “hated” Germans! Or Italians. GET IT? Sadly, you probably don’t …

    Here at home I personally disagree with virtually everything Jack Layton and the NDP stand for – therefore, by your inverted standards, I “hate” Jack Layton. Well, clearly, that’s what you believe! I ould like to ask: am I also guilty of a crime as so many of you think Mr. Wilders must be?

    Using your definition of what is or is not unacceptable, let’s see if I understand you bloggers on the lunatic left: honor killings in the name of Allah are NOT a bad thing … sounding the alarm over such behavior, as Mr. Wilders does – NOW THAT’S A REALLY BAD THING! (Why, you must cease and desist immediately, Mr. Wilders, or we’ll call the Toronto Thought Police and lock you up in the name of “tolerance”!) … odd, isn’t it, how it’s always you guys in the “diversity” crowd that want to ban any and all dissent?

    Perhaps we can cut through your foolishness and explain it like this, in a way that even the simplest leftist mind can understand: guess what? – horror of horrors! – Islam is unalterably opposed to gay rights!!! In your Leftwing Liberalism 101 manual, that makes them purveyors of hate, does it not!?!

    Sigh … the wacko anti-Wilders crowd on this blog are proof positive that we live in an incurably sick and confused society … I’m truly embarrassed to be a Canadian when I read such poorly thought out drivel on this site, and I’m ashamed of my own Dutch ancestry – how that once proud nation has lost its way …

    No, you politically correct types need to look in the mirror: it’s your demented tolerance of the intolerant that forces Mr. Wilders to travel with bodyguards! Should you ever take the time to think it through (OK, I admit, the idea of anyone on the left “thinking” is a bit of a stretch), you’ll come to realize just who the promoters of hate really are.

    And it sure as hell ain’t Geert Wilders.

  • sara

    hi m
    first off all , this article shows some off the stereotypes Muslims have caused everyone to believe sadly .
    although I’m a muslim , I’m considered a very liberal muslim and get criticized all the time by muslim religious people .
    I don’t care if a person is gay or homosexual , in fact I myself have some gay friends and treat them with respect cause in the end it’s no one’s business . Humans are not supposed to inflict their opinions on other people who don’t believe in them , what you believe in is between you and god . I have lived in canada all my life and you can say I’m influenced by the western open minded thoughts (I’m not even veiled ) . I believe in banning the burqa , it’s an uncivilized , seventh century style that should disappear . Even in the arab countries like jordan people don’t wear it , it’s the cultural costume (yes I will call it a costume ) of some uncivilized countries like saudi arabia who have no understanding of human rights . If you want to immigrate to a different culture I advice you to start at least being adaptable to this culture or else stay where you are . Sadly although there are muslims who are liberal like me , the majority are holding on to their seventh century thoughts . my Family is exactly like me , we have a lot of friends who are Jews , Christians , atheist and Muslims . The stupid thought that all unbelievers should be killed is ironically ridiculous and savagely violent , I always engage in arguments with Muslims about these issues , that sometimes I wish I could do something to stop these uncivilized thoughts .

  • The Truth

    Most Canadian, USA, UK & the west politicians & political parties do bidding for Zionists Pro-Israeli Jews who control the government, media, banks, businesses, industrial complex & oil companies. Who are waging wars on their backs against Islam & Muslameen calling it War on Terror as a revenge for false flag & fake 911 USA, UK & European city attacks. Excuse to invade, bomb, kill, torture, rape & murder Muslim population & occupy their lands. To terrorize them from defending. All for Zionist Jews Greater Israel Agenda & for the protection, silencing opponents of Palestine occupation.
    However, still question needed to be asked are:
    - AlQuran meaning is to Read. How many have read AlQuran,
    know about Islam & about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?
    - Do they know in AlQuran Prophet Musa/Moses, Ibrahim/
    Abraham, Issa/Jesus are mentioned as Allah/God’s Prophets
    & books sent on them. Muslim have to believe in all of
    them otherwise one is not a Muslim?
    - Do they know AlQuran is about obedience accountability
    to one Allah/God, of our actions for Heaven & Hell?
    Such people who spread lies against Allah/God’s AlQuran, Islam & Prophets (pbu all) are helpers of Shaiytan/Satan.

  • Imran Q.

    Competition in worldly increase diverts you. Until you visit your own graves. So remind, if the reminder should benefit; He who fears God will be reminded. But the wretched one will avoid it – he who will enter and burn in the greatest Fire, neither dying therein nor living. He has certainly succeeded who purifies himself and mentions the name of his Lord and prays. But you prefer the worldly life, while the Hereafter is better and more enduring. Indeed, this is in the former scriptures, the scriptures of Abraham and Moses.

  • The Truth

    Sister Sara, does liberal means unmarried women rapping & sleeping with unmarried men or are women liberated when they dance on laps of men for their pleasure or to exploited to sell a product, posing half naked or paraded in front of men for their lust, pleasure as an object with no respect?
    As one self conscience & righteous Christian writer said “in the west culture women belongs to everyone & no one”.
    The things one treasures keeps it in safe vault.
    Marrying same gender does not produce any children. It only brings diseases, depression destruction & death. Nations who practiced were perished by Allah/God as a lesson.

    And when Our Clear Verses are recited to them, they say: “This (Muhammad SAW) is naught but a man who wishes to hinder you from that which your fathers used to worship.” And they say: “This (the Quran) is nothing but an invented lie.” And those who disbelieve say of the truth when it has come to them (i.e. Prophet Muhammad SAW when Allâh sent him as a Messenger with proofs, evidences, verses of this Quran, lessons, signs, etc.): “This is nothing but evident magic!”
    Sura 34 – Saba (MAKKA) : Verse 43

    Pls read AlQuran

  • The Truth

    Noam Chomsky: My Reaction to Osama bin Laden’s Death
    The Agendas Behind the Bin Laden News Event By Paul C Roberts
    False Flags: An American Tradition By Stephen Lendman

  • sara

    the truth ,
    forgive me for not clearing my opinion .
    Your absolutely right and I agree with all what you said . what I meant by liberal is moderate that’s all . And my opinion of the burqa still stands with exception of veils cause although I’m not veiled I can’t lie and say it’s not an obligation . I respect all religions but love my religion and my beliefs are solid where ever I go . I have read the quran I’m a muslim too and I memorized verses as well so I know exactly the quotes you are referring to by heart .
    Again , sorry for the misunderstanding , I was not clear .
    I don’t know what you thought I meant but of course I’m not promoting anything . in our religion .Being a muslim I would not say it’s alright to be gay , all I meant is that being in a situation where you are in the western world you are going to have treat everyone with respect cause things won’t be the same as the muslim countries that’s all . no matter what the gender is or religion or belief you always have to show the goodness our religion teaches and not attack or slay or kill cause that’s not our religion . these are people who do such things and then pin them to islam .
    thank you for your comment and the clarification cause my opinion was not posted clearly .

  • sara

    And The truth ,
    When I say I’m Liberal I of course don’t mean liberal in the way you interpreted it cause that would be an insult towards me .
    I never said it’s alright to sit on mens lap or have sex without marriage . I never said anything about sex be it rape conceptual or whatever . so please don’t put words in my
    mouth .
    but if I’m dealing with someone not from my religion I would not judge them based on what’s in my religion . I’m in no place to judge westerns for there actions what between me and god stays between me and god , same goes for them
    I respect your opinion , I just felt this is going as an insult and wanted to sit it clear .

  • Don Sharpe

    JMM, do you even read the news?
    Geert Wilders position is rationally thought out, well presented and completely defensible.
    Your position only shows that you can count to 5.

  • Politics101

    After reading some of the comments on here, it appears there are as many naive Canadians as we have in the UK. Islam poses a huge threat to our Western culture and freedoms. Both of which we should be fiercely defending and not taking for granted. Our freedoms are not guaranteed simply because we are human. Our ancestors fought and died for the freedoms we have yet we are allowing th mass immigration of a group of people who are opposed to those freedoms. Every day we see Muslims proclaiming their hatred of Western values and culture while taking state benefits. It’s hypocritical and sickening! How many attacks do we need to see on our own soil to understand that not everyone thinks the same. Not everyone is peaceful and loving and open-minded? It has taken centuries for Western countries to rid themselves of religious fanaticism and get rid of the fairy stories. Why should we be happy to reintroduce an even more violent, strict, anti-human nature belief system and Christianity ever was?

    We need to realise that Western culture is the best model the world has. It’s not perfect but it’s fair and democratic. NO person, immigrant or not, has the right to change that. There are many strict Islamic countries that Muslim are welcome to move to. There is nothing wrong with saying “do it our way or leave” since it’s a choice to move to any Western country. It shuold be seen as a privalege!

    Thank god for people like Geert Wilders. He at least has the courage to fight for our freedoms and stand up to the idiotic, politically correct left. If things continue as they are, we will be looking at civil wars across Europe and America. Wake up and think for yourselves! Stop believing the nonsense our politicians and the left are spouting!

  • guy

    What an utter crap article. Wilders is a hero and he does not hate Muslims, he is anti-Islam, there is a difference.

    I can only guess at the political aims of the author of this article!

  • Hartley

    Geert wilders is right. Thereis no moderate Islam. Koran is full of hate against non Muslims. Europe is trying to be politically correct towards Islam, and it does not work.North Americans should listen to Geert WEilders.

  • mercedes achen

    The job of media is to report news not to redefine it in order to influence listeners or readers by imposing their own opinions. Educate yourselves people. Canada does not necesssarily equate to DOOR MAT, then again maybe it does.

    Geert Wilders is attempting, at his own risk I might add, to do nothing but inform you. This is not a stupid man nor did me make stupid comments. Give some serious thought to the things he said and lets talk in a few years, hopefully. Providing we are still free to do so of course.

  • DewaldS

    Intelligent people will not shoot the messenger without getting the message. I think Canadians are intelligent enough to at least study the statistics on Muslim immigration into developed countries before shooting Mr Wilders down.

  • William

    When Spaniards emigrated all over the world in the 20th century they did not create ghettos, mafias or could you even tell the difference between a local and a Spaniard. WHY? Because we fully inetegrated with the host nation, to the point where we fully accepted the local culture as ours. Muslims don’t do that, to them, it is not only a religion, it is a way of being first. I would like to see what they think if 50 million white Christians suddenly emigrated to the Arabian penninsula, would they accept it? Would they let them install their culture and believes freely? I rest my case.

  • William

    Plus what’s that about attributing past scientific discoveries to Islam? That’s as stupid as saying that Coppernicus or Da Vinci got their full support from the Church and inspiration from God (which as we all know was not the case). Nevertheles, we normal non religious freaks attribute progress to people not to a religious people.

    Nevertheless, if it were the case that God (Allah-same thing) chose those people to be smarter…what ever happened to them. Did they come to a consensus to suddenly stop thinking?

    The problem is that they stopped progressing in the Middle Ages. We on the other hand went through the Renaisance and from there onwards through many years of great discoveries and progress (and none attributed to a GOD.

    Jesus was the first to acknowledge the sepparation of church and state…I guess this did not comply with Mohammed’s plans of being a plenipotentiary being (one less thing to copy from Jesus). LOL

    One last thing, I don’t know if muslims are aware that women too have sexual appetite and feel attraction towards men, so why don’t men also wear burkas and rags all over to cover their attractive attributes? Macho Macho man, I want to be a macho man!!!

  • jimmy

    Geert goes too far over certain ideas, but he also makes some brutally honest assesments that our cowardly population are afraid to discuss. Unfortunately, we cannot be critical about certain issues, ie racial issues, without being branded a racist/”hater” if one takes a contrarian viewpoint. Im afraid Mr. McGrath reveals himself to be a simplistic bore and just another psyhophantic politically safe writer who has little to offer in a serious discussion. I suppose pandering to the masses allows you to keep a job. Pretty pathetic for a writer. Keep padding your own back McGrath. When we want to have a real discussion on racial/ethnic issues we’ll make sure to call someone else.

  • Jack

    This Article is ridiculous, untrue, biased and certainly written by a muslim. He is not against people, but the retarded culture and religion. If you want to live in Europe you must integrate.

  • William

    He does not go too far, he’s right on the money.

  • rose

    everyone has the right to choose the religion they wish blah blah blah , yes we know that . But Me being a religious christian can only say that religion is in your heart and it should not be used against other races or go to a country to force them to believe in the Christ . islam can be adaptable that’s if the narrow minded people let it be . You can’t cross seas and oceans only to be close minded jerks who do not have the capacity to adapt , you can stay with your close minded buddies back at your home if you can’t take our way into your life . Why even bother to come to europe if you at least don’t wanna mingle with the rest of the other races I mean europe and north america is the best place for freedom of choice be it religion or other wise so what the hell do cause problems for , to change us , well that dude is not gonna happen see we are a whole big population that will choose our own belief and no one should judge or force another to be what we don’t wanna be . You wanna be a muslim fine but at least try to mingle by taking the burqqa away it’s seriously freaky and It literally freaks me out I know I don’t wanna mingle with a women and a burqaa . I do have veiled neighbors and they are super nice we even hang out sometimes but at least I can see their faces while I’m taking to them plus no black tents !The veil I can be alright with although of course I never believed in the whole concept but the burqaa is just …………….. I can’t even find a word for it . geert is not against muslims he is just pointing out what I have pointed out myself and he is right on the money on that !

  • leila

    I respect and love Geert Wilders and quite frankly anyone who speaks out against Islam. Just take a look at any muslim country and you’ll see that freedom of expression or women’s equality and rights or any other western democratic values aren’t on their list of priorities. Islam is bout stoning adulterers or girls engaging in extramarital sex to death. Islamic countries publicly hang gays and lesbians. Islamic countries publicly execute activists, freedom fighters, political dissident or anyone they don’t like. Islamic quran preaches hatred against all non-muslims. Islam is rotten and sickening and its deeply depressing to see that number of muslims and mosques are increasing day by day in Canada but not not even 1% of those immigrants respect or care for Canadian values. They come here to make money and live a good happy life void of fear or war or discrimination but yet they bring the misery with them, their religion.

    Islamic propher, mohammad, as we all know was an over-sexed old douchebag who enjoyed fucking 9 yr old babies. He had 9 wives and took turns sleeping with each daily. Islamic quran orders apostates to be killed, christianity doesn’t do that and u canadians are lucky there but u don’t realize it.

    Islam has no right in our canadian culture and it should be gotten rid of, or at least ppl should be aware of its evils.

    Thank you Geert Wilders

  • BoldTruth

    To draw inspiration from the famous quote relating to US presidential elections “It’s the economy, stupid!”, I feel compelled to say that with regard to the issue of the accelerating Islamic conquest of the West, “IT’S THE DEMOGRAPHICS, STUPID!!”

    Everything else is tantamount to rearranging deckchairs on the Titanic. Why? Because no matter what laws are enacted now relating to minor issues such as burqa-wearing, etc., at some point in the surprisingly not-very-distant future, these people will be a majority in many countries. Even once they are a large enough minority (which may already be the case in Western Europe) they can force their agenda on the compliant liberal socialist political establishment through various threats, to similar effect (just not quite to the extent of being able to gain legality for some of the more extreme aspects of sharia such as stonings, etc., although with some 70,000 young muslim girls in Europe reported to be at risk of genital mutilation each year, much of this goes on anyway, just not legally).

    Unless three things can be accomplished, there is little hope:
    1) Stop all immigration of muslims.
    2) Deport muslims.
    3) Persuade muslims to convert to a peaceful alternative.

    However, these steps are not likely to happen Why? Because:
    Option 1) requires active discrimination against people of a particular faith, which runs counter to modern Western multi-cultural programming.
    Option 2) for the same reason as 1) and that it also requires stripping these people of their citizenship in Western nations.
    Option 3) goes against the principles of freedom of religion that we in the West value.

    It is already well-established that it is not enough to try to foster moderation among muslims, because even so-called moderates, even those who are very nice, easy-going people are in effect incubators for future radical jihadists. Why? Because by identifying themselves as muslim they are in effect endorsing all the teachings of islam, so they can’t argue with their offspring (who are easily radicalized in the many Saudi-funded Wahhabi mosques that are springing up), without being exposed as hypocrites.

    So, where does this lead us? I applaud the efforts of people to fight islamicisation through the legal and political systems since we may be able to slow the invasion down a bit, and this does need to be done. However, without 1, 2 or 3 happening it looks like we may be resigned to watching this slow-motion train-wreck happen in front of our eyes. It looks like only a complete collapse into civil war, would actually provide any hope that our daughters and granddaughters will not have to endure abuse, rape, clitorectomies, burquas, stonings, etc.

    It may be that brave people like Gert Wilders through their persistent needling are able to get muslims to increasingly expose their religion for what it is (to wake up the liberals among us), namely a dangerous death & sex-cult (set up purely to provide the men who can afford it with the following 1) slave women for baby-making; 2) boys and girls for their pleasure; 3) recruits among all the frustrated men (who can’t afford wives) for their armies of terrorists (using brainwashing and the promise of 70 virgins in the afterlife, and the hope of getting access to sex in this life as one of the spoils of jihad)). This needling may help to bring us to the civil war point sooner rather than later and before they have the numerical advantage.

    Do I advocate or want a civil war? NO! Think of the hardship and suffering that would bring. On top of that I don’t want to see any people being killed, including muslims (I just wish they would have the guts to recognize mohammed for what he really was, a blood-thirsty, self-serving, child-raping tyrant, and to reject islam).

    I’m just following the logical progression of the demographic and political tides that have been very clear to see for some time, and I welcome any good arguments that can refute this. Of course I continue to hope for a miracle, or for something completely unexpected to resolve this in a peaceful way or perhaps even the return of the Messiah, but hope isn’t enough, so I find the trajectory we are on to be rather depressing. But fight we must, even if it is just through the electoral system and the war of ideas on the Internet.

    Much as this might make you uncomfortable to agree with, I simply don’t see how one can argue with the logic of this.

  • Ponty

    Do you like it or not, the western civilization as we know it is done.
    The only thing we can do is, well whining.
    We did cut the branch underneath us.
    We’re idiots, and as such we do not deserve anything but what we got.
    The time works against us. We denied anything what makes us human, so do not complain.
    Our politicians made the system so, that if you make your own opinion, you’re a politically incorrect, making you an outcast even though you speak the truth.
    Let us ask some questions, why do they come here, if they hate us so much?
    My daughter did reject our own family after meeting one of them, well long live multiculturalism…..

  • Greg Gold

    Wilders is right on the money. Torontonians should take heed and actually LISTEN to what Wilders had to say, or did the Muslim leaflet campaign in November 2010, targeting gay politician George Smitherman during the mayoral election not ring any alarm bells?

    Smitherman was soundly defeated in last year’s mayoral race by huge numbers of immigrant voters from the African, East Indian, Tamil Muslim and West Indian communities who did not want a homosexual man representing them as their mayor. And the lefties blamed all this on the victor, Rob Ford?

    Islam is a one way street. Islam does not “integrate.” Islam is hostile to Western liberal values. Remember too, that Canada continues to take in huge numbers of Third World immigrants from countries that are hostile to gay rights. Just think about Smitherman’s defeat and multiply this into millions of votes within the next 20 years or so.

    Europe is, at last, waking up. The rise of violent Muslim riots in France, the take-ove of Malmo, Sweden by Muslims (and the exoduis of the Jewish population there), and the fast-growing Muslim population of Brussels only hints at what could happen to “multicultural” Canada.

    The rise of nationalist parties in France, Sweden, Finland and Austria has signaled one thing – multiculturalism is a colossal failure. The prime minister of the UK and the Chancellor of Germany have even publicly stated so.

    Be warmed Canada. The future is not going to be pretty once white Canadians become the minority in their own country. We’ll see where your misguided “tolerance” gets you once the immigrant vote starts to shape the country in a rather unpleasant way.

  • yuval Brandstetter MD

    This article is the epitome of how a person with a specific agenda smears ad hominem while avoiding the issues.
    Burka: its not the burka which is the problem. its the problem a Muslim woman gets into when deciding the Burka is not her style, while Armany is. She can be murdered. lawfully under islamic law, which is why face-concealing apparel deos not belong in a free society
    Moderate islam: There maybe moderate muslims but islam is absolute. like there may have been moderate germans, but Nazism is absolute. Once you endorse islamism, where freedom is suspended due to fear of the Fuehrer of Khalif, or Imam reprisals, it does not matter how moderate you are.
    Muslims taking over: Well thgey did in Albania and kosovo and we know how well the Serbs liked it. But forget it. if you do not have enough muslims Israel would love to have you take some, say a couple of millions, lovely Muslims, and she will pay for it.
    as for their color. who cares about color? its the content of the character, would you like to have Ussama and Zawahiri as your next door neighbors? its not because they are brown, but because they carry a dealy ideology wherever they go
    Finally homsexuality. The bible has some pretty nasty injuctions against the actual practice of homosexuality, and in the 4000 years since there is no record of anyone actualy being arassed for his sexual orientation. Homosexual Muslims are murdered daily for their sin. The reason Holland tolerate homosexuality is because its still 90, percent non-muslim, but see when its 90 percent Muslim
    Would you travel to holland if it looked like Amman?

  • A Friend

    I don’t hate him, I feel sorry for him. People tend to fear that which they don’t understand, therefore I’ll to keep this as simple as possible so that people like Geert Wilders can understand. I am a Muslim. Yet I have Christian friends. Do they fear me??? No they don’t, because they understand what Islam is all about. We are not told to hate other religions, we are told to respect them. Islam is about peace and not war. I’ve not tried to force Islam on anyone but yet many of the non-Muslims I know have converted to Islam. Why??? Because they were exposed to Islam daily. They weren’t the ones who allowed themselves to be swayed to hate the religion by all the propaganda that much of the world sees and believes. Yes, there are those who claim to be fighting their Jihad in the name of Islam. They are by far the minority. Yet there are cases where fighting is justified. If someone threatens to kill your family or friends or keep you imprisoned for their own greed, anyone, Muslim or not would fight back. It has nothing to do with religion.
    Islam is not the easiest religion to understand until you’ve lived it or been exposed to it on a daily on a personal level and not what you see on TV or at the movies. So please don’t hate us, understand us. If a Christian or even a group of Christians should hurt anyone of my family members. I will not hate their religion because I know that it’s not the will of their God but just a few individuals out to do harm. There is soooo much more that I’d like to say but I guess this is enough for now.
    If I managed to change the view of just one reader then I my job was done. I don’t plan to change the world, I just hope to make the world understand.
    Thanks for reading

  • some

    John Michael McGrath, you are so blind and you so don’t live in reality! No wonder why liberals shrunk here is Canada and Europe. It indicates something is going on, don’t you think? Read and watch other news than only Canadian and travel and educate yourself! Your article tells you are in dreamland.

    You have no clue at all.

  • L.Lafontaine

    It’s one thing to have freedom of speech. It’s another thing to incite hatred. That should never be tolerated. Not everything he says is true. Would we consider thinking the same way about Chinese immigrants and their young and drug gangs? How about the Italians and their Mafia? What about our own in-grown violent Biker gangs? What about our own home-soil gay-bashers and serial killers ? There’s evil in every country and culture, if you look for it. If you focus on evil, you will find evil. If you focus on the good, you will find the good. Geert Wilders has targeted one group of people and finds everything wrong with it. That in itself is wrong.

  • john mc grath

    this artical stems from the crisis of the ‘liberal’ left that always puts a higher value on its pride of tolerance than on freedom of speech and intellectual critique of non-western ideology. geert wilders is not a racist because he hates islam. he is a man who recognises the absolute intolerance inherent within that ideology. its muhommods will to power, in that sense it is like mein kempt. he has a healthy level of islamophobia.(who is it again that must have high security because their life is under threat! And ye think islam is a benign kind of force) islamic appologists should get their heads out of the sand. geert wilders is defending western freedom. The islamic desire for sharia law (they have called for it in parts of england)is a very worring issue, not least that it is a direct underming of western values but the stupid liberal left might conceed such ; fawing over ‘diversity’

  • Tahir

    What an idiot! He clearly dosnt know anythings about Islam yet he nit picking things that are not true! Islam is no threat to Western Society. They are just your normal people who practice religion! Don’t get brainwashed by this idiot Wilders! Even back home in Netherlands he is hated for spreading false hatred!

  • nick

    In your first paragraph, “…really doesn’t like Muslims…”, he doesn’t hate Muslims, he hates Islam and what it stands for. 5 stupid answers should be the headline. How do you even have a job?

  • Dan

    @ glenster…Jesus clearly told his followers to follow the Old Testament:

    “Do not think that I [Jesus] have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.”
    (Matthew 5:17-18)

    Furthermore, many Muslim countries are ruled by brutal (secular) dictatorships that are often propped up by America & Europe. It is much easier for an incompetent political elite, often without any consistent rule of law, to run a country without being held democratically accountable. This applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

    The few democratic Muslim nations that do exist today are not perfect, but they are preferable to dictatorships.

  • FB

    Its interesting how people will be quick to judge a religion by masses that are not following it properly. Many people are commenting on how “muslim countries are the most intolerant in the world.” I ask you: have you ever lived in a muslim country?
    If there is any country that is intolerant it is Hindu india or Jewish Israel. Both have qualms against the muslim minority (in india) and majority in Israel.

    In India, till today, infant girls are buried alive because of ‘shame’ that they bring to the family. Widows are burnt with their dead husbands as thats what the religion preaches. There is a strict caste system that prohibits people of different classes from interacting. How come no one talks about the “intolerance” of Hinduism.
    Lets open our eyes and read the scriptures and study the lives of those who brought the message before watching Fox News and acting like a political analyst. There are many examples of tolerance and promotion of peace in Islam. During the Crusades, the Caliphs gave protection to the fleeing Jews, whose signs are still visible through residing Jewish populations in Muslim countries in North Aftrica (like Morocco). How did they get there? If Muslims were SO intolerant, these Moroccan Jews would have left for their homeland long time ago.
    Don’t judge any religion by the masses who are trying to follow it, but rather by its scripture.

  • NadinTO

    I despise this guy, but looking at the picture above I realise he reminds me of a guy spewing hate like a snotty kid in high school trying to bully his way to the top of the food chain. Just ignore him and he’ll go away and end up flipping burger’s again. Which is probably where he was before getting into politics. (On another note, he seems to remind me of Tim Hudak as well)

  • mimc

    I wish to bring reference to Australian Prime Minister ‘s latest declaration to immigrants , if you don,t like our system ,then leave.
    I wish other countries had the balls to do the same , yes Canada as well. What is happening in Europe and starting here, is a gradual destruction of our way of life ,under the pretense of political correctness, and yes if you say something or hint that minorities are having more rights , you are branded a racist.

    There is an old expression , don’t shoot the messenger .

  • P

    The left wing socialists that now run the West are insane
    they fought for many years against the right for gay rights woman’s rights etc. Now they want to throw it all away by allowing Islamic sharia to take over , whatever happened before to gays and women under the Christian right pales to what will happen to them soon, as for Muslims to not demographically take over they don’t need to, they just need enough to form a sharia voting block , a few violent incidences have the west already trembling, as for our war tools to fight back yes outside Islamic countries can easily be defeated in battle but what politician will turn them on an internal population , all that small Muslim minority needs are a tiny but growing group of nuts and they can do just about anything ,look at 9-11.

  • Richard

    Does Toronto have an anti Islamification movement/group that is organized and willing to bring concerns about the dilution of Canadian freedoms and culture to Parliament Hill?
    I’m sick of seeing Canada bend over further and further every day so as not to offended this costume party infestation of Islamic GARBAGE.
    Only your own kind and mindless hippies like you. Leave the protection of big cities and get ready for some good old fashioned hate. Get out and go back to the dump you freaks abandoned and keep your culture out of this beautiful country.
    Fact of the matter is this: Canada wouldn’t be a desirable destination for a ‘new beginning’ if it was Islamic… so stop trying to bring that garbage into this country.

    Time for a revolution. Our government needs to grow a pair stop handing over our country to these infesting foreigners that reproduce like roaches. The Charter or Rights and Freedoms couldn’t have saw this coming. Time for a revision.

  • Ron

    Geert Wilders is telling the truth about Islam and I quite agree with him. I´d change this article´ title to that of “Five Truths about Islam”

  • L.J. Middleton

    Judging from the comments your readership is mostly liberal left-wing-nuts. What else can you say about the journalistic drivel from Ontario or Quebec. Geert Wilders sees how harmful Islamic immigration has been in his country and is fighting against it. Scandinavian, British and European countries indigenous peoples are all feeling the same way about Islam and Muslims, and their liberal-left politicians refuse to listen. We will see more Geert Wilders political parties in the future in Europe, Britain and Scandinavia. The more the indigenous are oppressed by their liberal-left politicians, we will see major political changes. Even the liberal-left politicians are saying multiculturalism has failed. Non-assimilation and non-integration is what made multiculrualism fail. When minorities say it fails you can no longer deny the truth. It has failed in Canada because of the same reasons. Without integration and assimilation by minorities, especially Muslims, we have permitted that failure. Thank God the Liberals are no longer in charge with their asinine liberal-left ideology. maybe the Conservatives can salvage something from the immigration mess the Liberals left us.

  • NotAnExtremist

    The beautiy of FREEDOM, is that this guy can say whatever he wants because that’s what our ancestors fought for. Even if you don’t agree with it. He’s not killing or hurting anyone, but there’s lots of people who want to kill or hurt him (and they’re defended!)

    5 Stupid Things John Michael McGrath said:

    1. Muslims aren’t taking over.
    “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.” – Quran 9:29

    2. Islam is mostly moderate.
    He quotes an article about a University professor who constantly faces threats from his fellow Muslims for his “extreme” views against Islamic fascism.
    “Believers … shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an.” 9:111

    3. The general Muslim-Western Population wants to bend their beliefs to conform to Canadian expectations.
    -Little Mosque on the Prairie; case and point. A show teaching Canadians all about how Muslims are different (trying to be funny), and basically a “teaching program” for Canadians to adapt to Muslims, not the other way around.
    42:10 “And in whatsoever ye differ, the verdict therein belongeth to Allah”

    4. Geert Wilders said “Brown People Go Home”
    He didn’t. In fact, he says that he welcomes all Muslims, so long as their beliefs do not come in defiance of the rest of our society’s human rights. If they decide that their religious prerogative should negate someone else’s human rights, they should not be in that country. If they act upon it, they should be told to leave. I agree with that point.
    2:228 “(Women) have rights similar to those (of men) over them in kindness, and men are a degree above them.”
    4:34 “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other”

    5. Muslims aren’t a threat to Gay Rights
    7:80-1 “And Lot! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you? Lo! ye come with lust unto men instead of women. Nay, but ye are wanton folk.”
    26:165-6 “What! Of all creatures do ye come unto the males, And leave the wives your Lord created for you ? Nay, but ye are froward folk.”
    27:54-55 “And Lot! when he said unto his folk: Will ye commit abomination knowingly? Must ye needs lust after men instead of women ? Nay, but ye are folk who act senselessly.”
    29:28-29 “And Lot! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Lo! ye commit lewdness such as no creature did before you. For come ye not in unto males.”

    Thank you, come again.

  • chris

    Bravooooooooo..Geert. Those jewish matherfuckers are to stupid or international mafia-like conspirators. Keep on going Geert…otherwise Netherlands will looks like shity jewish canadian dirt. -Your streets will be full of all kinds of colour junks.That’s jewish strategy…- to desintegrate all real strong Nations to mannipulate them later on. Keep fighting Geert !!!

  • Adrian







  • woka

    Geert Wilders is a Dutch hero. He will be one in Canada too. Canadians who read silly rags like this one just haven’t seen and heard enough of the truth to know it yet. I encourage Canadians to research for themselves about Geert Wilders and Islam, the religion of peace.

  • L.J. Middleton

    There are no moderate Muslims because there is no moderate Islam. People who have not studied Islamic ideology should not speak so foolishly. The history of Islam is fraught with Muslims killing Muslims over petty issues of Koranic thought. Muslim Egyptians kill Coptic Christians and not one negative word is spoken by western media about Islam and Muslims. Indeed, Christians and Jews are in such low numbers in the Middle East because of the constant slaughters of these peaceful people, and westerners don’t care. Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood were behind 911 and most other Islamic terrorist attacks in the world that Al-Qaeda takes credit for. The US government denied its own people, victims of 911 and their families, the right to sue Saudi Arabia because of foreign policy. Intellectual stupids should keep their mouths shut and learn Islamic history from the 7th century to present day. Muslim Imams conevy that Jesus preached a faith, Islam, that didn’t come along until the 7th century, 700 years after his death. And you people have such silly ideas of Islam and Muslims being peaceful and tolerant that you have no logical ability to prove. God forbid. Western intellectual stupids on Islam should have been drowned at birth.

  • Ben Shabbatai

    There is no radical or moderate Islam, same as there is no radical or moderate Christianism. There are more then 13000 christian sects in the world and some of those located in the Biblebelt of the US are more dangerous and radical then any muslim terror-group.
    Islam as such is the same basic cult as christianism, I would even say it is a continuation of judeo-christian religious writings. All of those Cults, Jews, Christians and Muslims are miss-using and miss-interpreting a very old teaching that comes from ancient Egypt and that has been used worldwide to build Philosophy of life and religous cults. That teaching is Kabbalah. No need to split the word in Kaba and Allah to explain how lovely Islam, that is a composition of Isis, the mother of creation and Lamed, the hebrew letter symbolizing duality connected and balance or libra. This is why Islam is the religion of Justice. The Justitia is depicted as a woman with a scale and a double cutting sword. Islam is based on the principle of Allah as God. Allah is not a god, it is the godly principle of creation. We all know that creation allways results out of two interacting powers, male and female, plus, minus. Creation takes place in a virgin space. When you want to build a house in a forest, you need to cut trees and make a virgin space, a nothingness. This is the virgin conception and this conception is the rule once you want to procreate. You cannot make a woman preignant that is alreaddy carrying a fetus. So, any conception of creation, planting a seed occurs in a virgin space and in darkness. A seed grows in the dark of the soil or the night, and in addition with water, So, what is Allah. AL is God, everything, it is the gardener, the provider of the seed. LA means in arab or hebrew, Nothing, the nothingness in which all becomes. H is the connection of T&T, The 2 Taus are our seed with the paired male and female cromosomes and dna informations that will make it grow and become to the image of its creators. Al is male, LA is female and H is the seed, the Father, the Holly Spirit and the son. Call this now a dick, an Uterus, and a sperm and you are in the cosmogenesis of the Torah that explains human creation and procreation in all details. In hebrew Kabbalah the base of God is YHWH, in Islam it is MHMD, Muhamad. IN ancient Central America it was MAYA, and in Japan it is YAMA, in India ist is RAMA. The Tetragrammaton is the base of the creation and explains Fire, Air, Water ans Earth as the 4 Elements, Y is male, HVH is female, YH is Father, VH is Mother. All those symbols just relate to our androgenous forces that we use for our energy of the body, + as Testosterone, male, – as Estrogen, female. Those powers are called Spiritual Extasy, SEX and when unified they lite the fire of the Kundalini, the Fire of Heaven and Hell. We call those Ob and ON in Kabbalah and that is why many names who relate that power are found in Bible with those letters, Jakob, Hiob, Zebulon, Zion. OB is male, ON is female. In the Bible Male is Adam, Female is Eve, in India ist is Pingala and Ida, in China it is Ying and Yang.
    It is for sure a too long story to open to all of you the real sense of the Torah, the NT and the Qu’ran which are the trinity of books of the same religious cult, books that are missused by cults, missunderstood. The reason is simply that Kabbalists have written those books, wich treat esoteric wisdom, thus things that happen inside of us, of our body and mind, with Metaphors of the outer world. Cultpriests have burned down all traces of ancient history of humanity with the Alexandrian Bibliothek and have rewritten history to satisfie Biblic content, created in Mesopotamia all Towns, villages, ruins of cities and what ever was needed to make the booke take sense and show all their Fidels that the story happened there and is true. There are even tribes who named themselves Jews, Israelites.
    Jew comes from Jehud or YUD, the 10th letter of the hebrew Abgad that has 22 inner letters and 6 finals. Together 28 Letters, The 22 relate in symbols the whole way of procreation and become of human life, the 28 together relate the full menstruation cycle of a woman. Holly scriptures are divided in Torah, the law of cosmogenesis, makimg of a human child, in 3×13 books, New Testament is antrophogenesis and treats all a human sees in his lifespace, from the logarythmic growth, the golden mean until all mathemathics and trigonometry to calculate the whole universe, in 3×9 Books. Together 66 books ( 3 cycles of 22 letters). Add the final letters which are 6, the 6 books of kabbalistic Theurgy or Magik, and you have 6 and 66. It is a number of human and of the beast, isn’t it. Note that the numeric value of BYB AL in hebrew is 314, thus pi.
    Torah, NT and Qu’ran are a travel trough Air, Water and Earth, illuminated by the ray of creation, the goodly fire.
    There is no killing, no murder, no hate, no sacrifices
    in any of those books, no call for killing or war. All you need is to pierce it’s secrets and translate them in clear text, something that the Priest of enslaving and moneymaking cults would for sure not like to see you doing. The warlords will prevent this and continue there sataniic game as long as there is a buck to suck. Maybe one day, people will understand, after 7000 years they still not do. In the ancient time some did, and the number of those grows, like just anything in the universe. Truth conqueers slowly, but there is very high dynamic in lies. One evil man said that once, but he knew what the books say and relate to. This man was Albert Pike, the biggest conspirator and warlord that ever existed.

  • Ben Shabbatai

    Just want to add, It is not Islam that is bad, but only the evil that the cultpriests make out of it, the same way it has been in Christian Religion who killed 6 Billions of people for miss-understood beliefs in 2000 years. We need to fight Islam the way we live it at the moment with all our forces. The best way for the Evil to take it over is that honnest people do nothing against it. So, move your ass and kick their’s before it is too late. The awakening will be hard and against it, Marxism was just a creamtart. Those people scream loud but make no jokes. There was one who screamed in the same way once in Germany and all the world was laughing about thhat fool. We know what came after …. And don’t say I dont care, I am not religious, because they will take care of you, dont worry.

  • P.O.N.

    Late in the course found your article, but decided nevertheless to answer:
    Islam is a religion of course a peculiar but important not to give its followers a great faith – and it will be like in Russia – and sometimes insults and attacks on women who have skirts end up in the knees, public insults and abuse against people with average incomes, and at the same time sycophancy and kowtowing to the wealthy and high-ranking people, overt harassment of the owners of dogs, and so on and so forth. So in some ways Geert Wilders rights, and our business with you to understand what to do with the Muslims and how they apply.

  • Tony Renney

    What a naive,sad misguided article.People of Canada,take heed of what is happening here in England.In many of our towns Muslims have created ghettos which are hotbeds of loudly voiced anti – Western feeling & terrorist breeding grounds.The Muslims will not give an inch to anything that does not conform to the teaching of their “prophet”,& our Government is too soft to defend the British way of life against them.The very “political correctness” & liberalism I see in this article has allowed it to happen – do not let your great Country make the same mistake.When they read this misguided article,the Mullahs must be rubbing their beards with glee.

  • Brian Chad

    This scheme has worked for many religions throughout history and is still working very well for the jewish .

  • dave

    he is great guy

  • Dave

    This article is both completely misguided and speaks of the vast ignorance/obliviousness regarding the West’s self-destructive plight to adhere to “political correctness”. Face the facts people. The truth isn’t always pretty.

  • Tom

    I actually agree with #2. When a Muslim tries to be moderate and tolerant, such as Tarek Fatah, look what happens. Tarek Fatah never tried to offend his fellow Muslims – he merely stated that they needed to respect gender and LGBT rights. Yet that was grounds for him to receive death threats and have his car vandalized. Basically, in the eyes of other Muslims, Tarek Fatah has forsaken his religion just by trying to be a decent person.

    As for #4, I don’t think Wilders was attacking brown people… religion and race are different things. There are lots of Arabs and South Asians who are doing well in the West and are well respected. Guess what they have in common?

  • Maxine Heckbert

    Not only does Canada want them, it wants large numbers? WRONG WRONG WRONG!