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Toronto’s left-wing pinkos prove surprisingly entrepreneurial

(Image: Spacing)

It’s been 24 hours since Don Cherry opened the first city council meeting of the Rob Ford era by calling out bike-riding “left-wing pinkos,” and the reaction has already moved from indignation to merchandising.

The good people at Spacing have mocked up four “left-wing pinko” buttons and magnets, and are letting readers vote on their favourite. The winning design will be available on-line and in a few stores pretty much immediately. Meanwhile, for the less discreet, cycling blog Biking Toronto has thrown together a T-shirt more proudly proclaiming pinko-ness. If these two products are any indication, it seems this city’s left is actually growing a sense of humour, which is a good thing—they’ll need it for the next few years.

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Left-Wing Pinko I Bike T.O. Shirt [Biking Toronto]

  • The_Flash

    Don Cherry for PM!

  • Stephen van Egmond

    I expect a “left-wing kook” one won’t be far behind?

  • Stuart B

    This is slow for Spacing – they had their “I survived the quake” buttons in stores within hours of the tremor this summer


    Sad we are even paying any mind to Cheery – Bomber!!

  • Eya Donald Greenland

    Hey, I’d wear one, and I don’t even ride a bike. Those who don’t remember history are destined to repeat it. Move over, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus: Dumb Cherry and Blob Ford are about to follow in your slow, brainless footsteps, lumbering towards extinction.

  • Ted

    Typical, The people want a major change in the way we are governed and the “lefties” dont like it one bit, They dont realize the majority of Toronto do not want their agenda of tax and spend and want some common sense.

    Rob is “grass roots, and common sense” Great to see the Left wing pinkos relegated to the “back rows in council” especially Shelly Caroll had to buy her own coffee.. ha ha