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Comparing cab rates: Toronto has the 20th most expensive taxis in the world

Prices are for a five-kilometre trip by taxi in 14 major cities

We all know that taxis are expensive in Toronto, but today’s Globe goes one step further and proves it. According to the paper and a new survey, our city has some of the most expensive taxis in the world. Toronto cabs tied with Montreal’s as the most expensive in North America, pricier than those in both Los Angeles and New York. The most expensive, with few exceptions, are in European cities, where it’s not uncommon to be escorted around in a Benz. Zurich’s cabs, apparently, are the most exorbitant.

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to hail a cab in Toronto, which can’t be said for some of the other cities on this list. And Toronto cabs aren’t subject to weird tariffs that change according to the time of day, nor are the drivers prone to bouts of intoxication. Still, nobody’s rushing to vote Toronto’s taxis among the best in the world or anything.

For outgoing city councillor Howard Moscoe, explaining the cost is simple: “It is very expensive to take a cab,” he told the Globe. “It is also very expensive to operate a cab.”

At least there are plenty of efficient alternatives available if taxi fares exceed one’s budget, like cycling or taking the streetcar. Oh, wait.

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• World taxi prices: What a 3-kilometer ride costs in 72 big cities [Price of Travel]

(Taxi prices are in Canadian dollars and have been calculated from rates listed by Frommer’s. They do not take into account traffic or time of day.)


    sad… our cabs are dirty,old,bad drivers,smelly with unattractive drivers. While NYC cabbies have bad attitude, their cabs are clean and they are hot! Try Montreal cabbies, smoking hot!! Where did we go wrong?!!!!

  • The_Flash

    75% of the drivers have poor personal hygiene. Deodorant should be mandatory. Why do I want to pay $20 to get into a car that smells like B.O? Rob Ford–FIX THIS

  • foodilicious

    i’m sure attractiveness isn’t a prerequisite for driving a cab…

  • Ritaboutit

    Toronto cabs are just another thing to add to the growing list of problems with this city. We don’t want people to drink and drive but we are going to close the subway before last call and charge someone $3.45 to sit down in a cab. Awesome.