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Canadians would rather drive than have sex, credit cards, junk food or TV

Better than sex (Image: Richard Smith)

Canada is not as eco-friendly—or as sexy, fun or fit—as previously thought. A new study conducted by the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund, not the erstwhile Worldwide Wrestling Federation) found that most Canadians would forgo sex, television, junk food and credit cards before they would give up their automobiles. It also found that 76 per cent of Canadians would drive, even if they could walk, bike or take public transit to their destination.

With the TTC’s recent track record (assaulting passengers, impaired driving, stopping for snacks mid-route and a very public affair), we can’t really blame Toronto drivers for preferring their motorized mini-fiefdoms. And with summer just kicking off, maybe we understand the TV thing, too. But sex and credit? What’s the point of having a car if one can’t shop and facilitate one-night stands?

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