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F-bombs away: troublemaking Tory senator is the Liberals’ new favourite cusser

The Hon. Nancy Ruth (Image:

By now, everyone with ears has heard of Senator Nancy Ruth’s outburst in front of a group of activists, telling them to “shut the fuck up” about abortion until after the G8. While the activists in the room were no doubt surprised to hear such language come from a senator (especially one who looks so alarmingly like Susan Boyle), we’re all in favour of blunt politicians. Take John Baird. He once told Toronto to “fuck off,” but yesterday slammed Ruth’s language as “completely unacceptable.”

We are hopeful for more spicy language from Senator Ruth in the days to come. Apparently, she was also behind the government’s aborted—oops!—plan to change the lyrics of “O Canada” a few months back. Anyone who makes this much trouble for her own party has to be worth keeping an eye on. But hey, at least she didn’t call the Canucks “Canada’s team.”

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