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Drake gets shut out at the 2014 Grammy Awards

(Image: Drake/Instagram)

(Image: Drake/Instagram)

Despite being nominated in five different categories—Album of the Year, Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Album, and twice for Best Rap Song—hometown hero and occasional sketch comedian Drake didn’t win a single trophy at last night’s Grammy Awards ceremony. The rapper’s scourge was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who dominated the hip-hop categories. Album of the Year went to Daft Punk for Random Access Memories.

And so Drake’s 2013 Best Rap Album Grammy remains all by itself on his mantel. Canadians can take some solace in the fact that Michael Bublé won Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album—again. Oh, and Blue Ivy got a new gold sippy cup for some reason.

  • doggiepearl

    I don’t want to be a d*ck, but we think he’s a bigger deal than he is because of Canadian Content Laws. If we were not force-fed his music on the radio we might be a little less biased.

  • iedit247

    Well TBH – 5 Grammy nominations is still 5 Grammy nominations and is kind of a big deal to anyone in the industry…American or Canadian.
    Does the fact that his main audience and greatest success comes from US Urban and Rhythmic radio and not Canadian Top 40 Radio change your ignorant views yet? Do your research hater.

  • Daniel MacQuarrie

    Well, too bad Drake didn’t win anything. At least KC Roberts and the Live Revolution did a great cover of “Forever”:!Double-Toronto-Musicians—Drake-and-KC-Roberts/cllt/0ECEE6FD-7EDF-49C4-B4A1-E83D0A43592F