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Introducing: The bachelorettes of The Bachelor Canada, part four

(Images: CityTV)

Another Wednesday, another bachelorette reveal leading up to October 3’s The Bachelor Canada premiere. Weeks one and two had a fun enough assortment of ladies, but after last week revealed a would-be wife who was a multilingual model and neuroscientist (really?), we’re relieved that this week’s bachelorettes are a bit less intimidating. Only one candidate has an advanced degree in this week’s group, with an optician (too bad Brad doesn’t appear to wear glasses) and a trio of quirky, multifaceted service industry vets rounding out the field (okay, spoiler: one’s a server at a strip club). As always, we’ve taken a hard look at each candidate to suss out their chances and determine which celeb they kinda-sorta look like.

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