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Toronto-based reality series The Avenue is being revived by a teen interest publication

Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s up with the cast of the short-lived web series The Avenue? Have you ever asked yourself, “what is editor-in-chief of Défilé magazine Arta Ghanbari up to?” Or maybe, “Where is social-climbing YouTube sensation Gregory Gorgeous?” Well, we have some answers: Mr. Gorgeous has been making appearances on weird DIY YouTube reality shows, and Ms. Ghanbari is a style editor at Lifestyler magazine. And now, they’ve been asked to return to the show that made them sort of Internet-famous by teen interest publication Verve Girl, who will be creating new episodes that focus on Ghanbari’s life as an editorial assistant at Verve Girl (we’ll admit that the demotion from editor-in-chief to style editor to editorial assistant seems bizarre) and Gorgeous’ rise to the A-list (okay). There’s no official date set, but the teen publication positioned the launch in a press release as one of its holiday 2012 campaigns. Depending on how you feel about this fairly innocuous program (we obviously love to laugh at it), Christmas may have just come early.