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Big Brother is coming to Canada

Big Brother has been on the air in the United States for 13 seasons, and now Canada is getting its turn. Endemol and Insight Productions announced yesterday that it will be starting a Canadian version of the 24/7 live broadcast reality show on a yet-to-be-determined date. The question remains: will it be able to rival the 2001 hit series U8TV’s The Lofters? Because The Lofters is probably one of the only examples of Canadian reality television that’s been done well. (Even if you don’t agree, at least watch the video to reminisce on early noughties fashion.)

  • Chelsea Adair

    Whwre do we send in auditions? How do u audition.? I’m interested in a big way

  • Kim Ashton

    I have been waiting 13 seasons for this! I would love to audition please send me info!

  • amanda

    I am very intersted in this, i so wanna audition…:-)

  • Amber

    How do we audition?
    Thanks! :)


    finally , coming to Canada , the land of the free. I need this were do we audition . Please and thank you

  • Melanie

    Where can we audition? Would love to have the opportunity!!!

  • Paige Francis

    I would like to know more information!! That is awesome news. i have watched all the seasons!

  • Dainielle Koch

    Where do i audition?
    cant wait!

  • Brett

    Please please please… I am undoubtedly the biggest BB Fan! Would love the opportunity to audition

  • Geoffrey Smith

    Born to be a big brother star! Please email me details regarding upcoming auditions!!!
    Thanks in advance ; )

  • jules

    i said from season 1 of Big Brother that i needed to be on this show..know why????? cause i would win!!! Look out canadaians im gunna audition and i will come out on top!!! BAM!!!

  • Gerardjames

    How do we audition? I’d win the whole damn thing just put me in!

  • Mike Wheeler

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i ever make the show my life would be complete …This is the best thing ever to come to Canada …..I really need to be a part of this i live for this show…..PICK ME PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay Woolsey

    Please email me where and when to audition? I have been a big brother fan since day one! I have tO try to get on it here!

  • Josh

    i need to get on that show. This is the winner of big brother canada. Or soon will be. Let me know what i can do to show you all. I will do anything to get on this. Please get back

  • Tom

    When will we be able to send in out audition tapes and where?

  • Zach

    Wow being on this show would be really cool I am going to for sure apply and see if I can make it

  • Zoltar

    It should have been The Biggest Loser coming up here – we need it more….

  • Sue-Ann Levy

    I know politics. That show needs me.

  • Misty Boyce

    I have been saying for Years that we need BB in Canada, i love the Bachlorette as well but if you have a man you cant really be on the show lol but Big Brother Id so make that show amazing to watch lol I have always been told I should be on tv :) I LOVE BIG BROTHER and can not wait for a chance to audition :) Bring it on Big Brother!

  • Loraine

    I have been watching BB since the second season. It’s about time it’s coming to Canada. I love this show and would love to be apart of it. Where do I sign up?

  • Alexa Kinyua

    I always wondered when Canada would be getting its chance, i mean – Africa even has their own bb and we didnot? so psyched!!! How do you sign up for auditions?

  • Aaron

    When are they doing auditions I am interested.
    Please send info

  • Breanne Cowgill

    This is such exciting news!!!! I have been a fan of Big Brother since I was about 10, when I first started watching season 3. I get the live feeds every summer and watch them 24/7!!! I am just so excited to know that there is going to be a Canadian version now!! I lived only a few hours away from Toronto. I would absolutely love the opportunity to audition and maybe become the first “Janelle or Rachel”, of Big Brother Canada 2013!!!!! Please email me when and where auditions are being held!! :)

  • Brad Jeklin

    Like everyone ellse has said where do i audition? It wouldn’t be a summer party if im not in that house hold!! And to be part of the first season of Big Brother Canada would be somethin sweet.. Please e-mail me info and thanks :)

  • Ron

    I need big brother. I was born to do big brother. I love my big brother…lol. OH PLEASE let me be on big brother.
    SO….when do I audition?

  • Cari

    My husband wants to be in the bbhouse (in Canada)he would be an awsome player and make the game quite interesting. How dies he audition.

  • Erica

    I guarantee to make it epic!

  • Charles Godin Edgecombe

    How Do You Apply To Be. On The Show Would Love To Do Big Brother Canada Please Let Me Know When I Can Apply To Be On The Show Thank’s Charles

  • Alex Bruce ( Aka ) Alex Bannock

    I could so be a house guest in the Canadian version of Big Brother , Where do I sign up ???

  • taryn maria Johnston

    this bunny wants info for auditions…made for me tv!!! please send me where and when they are?! thanks!!

  • Ashley


  • Tina

    As I ALSO want to be on BB I know a better candidate. Her name is Roseanne Everette. If u get an audition from her PLEASE PLEASE take her. While house boating (our first house boating tip, NO KIDS). She pipes up and says she should be home making her audition tape lol.
    She’s a blast. Known her for over 20 years.
    She’s YOUR girl.
    Love u Rosie

  • Ryan daly

    I would love to be on the first season of bb Canada

  • Shyla

    Want to audition ahh psyched , this is gonna be fun!

  • Samantha Jones

    I CANT WAIT NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    COUNT DOWN FOR FEB, IS ON!!!!!!!!!
    I HOPE I WILL BE PICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    OMG!!! This is so amazing and cannot believe us Canadians will finally have our own BB. I am so pumped!!! Where do I audition???
    Please tell me? I love, love BB. Need more information please!!

  • Keith Beaul

    I’m Type “A”, I’m very opinionated. I absorb the drama but I will do it my way. Do I have your back? hmmmm!

    Lets Play!

  • Joanna

    I have been a huge fan of BB since the first season. I am very excited about the show coming to Canada and look forward to watching it. There are a few individual’s, including myself who would appreciate the opportunity to participate in an intriguing adventure.