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Role of a lifetime: Toronto actress Holly Deveaux to portray Casey Anthony

Holly Deveaux (Image: George Pimentel)

Casey Anthony’s child-murder case was destined for a Lifetime movie treatment. A mere year after the Florida mom was acquitted, Lifetime has announced that 19-year-old Toronto actress Holly Deveaux (Flashpoint and Lost Girl) is to star in Prosecuting Casey Anthony, a made-for-TV film based on the book Imperfect Justice by prosecutor Jeff Ashton (played by Rob Lowe, whose last Lifetime appearance was in a biopic as blonde, mustachioed killer cop Drew Peterson). The dialogue is said to be pulled entirely from court transcripts—here’s hoping Deveaux doesn’t go all “method” on us.

  • kei22

    She will be cursed for taking this role, just like everyone in Casey’s wake was and is

  • layla

    I think this role will bring her a lot of fame and role to other movies possibly . It takes skill and a good actress to play a cold hearted killer especially to play a mother who killed their child than just lied all the way through the whole investigation to save their ass. looking foward to the movie read the book and followed the case like a hawk last sumemr

  • karen scharps

    Agree. Wait for a decent role, not most hated woman in the world.

  • Sandra D

    I hope no one makes money from this movie. It is disgusting that people are going to profit from the death of this child. Also it will make Casey Anthony think that people are interested in her story. Far from true. No one is at all interested in her and anything that comes out of her mouth is a lie anyway. At the very least, I hope Casey Anthony herself is not getting any money from this movie company. I will definitely boycott the movie. I know what happened to Cayley. Casey coldheartedly murdered her because she was angry with her mom and dad, so killed their litle grand-daughter who they loved so much. Then to add to their heartache, when it became clear that the “nanny took her” story wouldn’t fly, she accused her father and those idiot jurors couldn’t see the forest for the trees.