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A Stephen Harper nude surfaces on the Internet

Painter Margaret Sutherland made waves on the Internet last night with one of her latest paintings: a nude portrait of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The work, which we presume the Prime Minister did not sit for, used to hang on the walls of the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto, but is now dressing a wall in a library in Kingston (where the artist currently resides). In the 60-foot five foot oil-on-canvas painting, Harper is casually lounging in a state of undress. Salient features include the artist’s rendering of his nether regions, a woman serving the politician a Tim Hortons coffee and what appears to be a terrier of some sort. Fans of Canadiana-themed home decor will want to add this to their Pinterest board post-haste. For the full uncensored version, click here.

(Image: Margaret Sutherland, Emperor Haute Couture, 2011. Oil on canvas.)


    ConGenitally Conservative

  • Jose

    60-foot oil on canvas? Is it really 18 meters? Do you mean 60 inches? Granted, I haven’t see the piece, so it could be really that monumental.

  • Emily

    Okay, did that remind anyone else of Spinal Tap? (“Stonehenge!”)

  • Bruce

    What’s Harper doing posting comments? And why use such a transparent pseudonym as “pissed off”?

  • blahblah

    The head on the penis looks whack. Otherwise good pic

  • Jean-Pierre


    Stephen Harper, in our evolving democracy is naked physically and ideologically!!!

    What a pr#%k!!!!!

  • ariel

    She has made Mr. Harper famous for the future , when all politics has
    hit the dust this will be remembered . She now needs a major gallery
    to show her work…… great fun !!!!!!!!!!!! It should be hung with other
    prime ministers …and on loan to the national portrait gallery .