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Meet the Bachelor Canada—another white football player

Would you accept Brad Smith’s rose? (Image: The Bachelor Canada)

Twenty-eight-year-old CFL wide receiver Brad Smith has been named the first-ever titular unwed man of The Bachelor Canada, and he’s continuing in the 10-year tradition of conventionally attractive white men getting picked for the opportunity (over the franchise’s 23 seasons, every single Bachelor has been white). Smith grew up in Quebec, is a graduate of Queen’s University and has played wide receiver for the Montreal Alouettes, Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Eskimos. He’s currently not playing for any of them, which is why he has the time to embarrass himself by making out with several loutish women in the span of one-to-two-hour-long weekly episodes (if it ends up anything like The Bachelor). Touchdown!

  • Robbie

    What’s wrong with being white. Amazing!!

  • A. Nonamous

    So the producers have left out the part about him being a bar tender at Earls in Toronto – where I will describe him as competent. Wasn’t one of the US bachelors a vineyard owner? Typical Canada: half assed rip offs of American crap.

  • Neidi

    Bartender at Earl’s? AMAZING!! LOL

  • cozyshack

    I wish Kevin Naulls was going to be the Bachelor. :(

  • asshole

    This guy slept with half of queens university.

  • Ria

    Why do you have feel the need to emphasize that he’s white!?! So what!?! I am ethnic person, btw. I am happy to know that he is Canadian and am looking fwd to seeing various parts of this Country when the Show begins.

  • Ria

    So, I’ve been informed that someone is suing the Show claiming that it’s racist! That is hilarious to me considering the numerous incidents of racism from other ethnic pple that i as an ethnic person have encountered. It is time for people to stop using the race card to get what they want and for everyone to realize that racism is a HUMAN problem no matter where pple live!!

  • Michelle N.

    Ewww he looks greasy. sorry, I don’t find him at all attractive, nor do I think he’s old enough to give viewers even a hope that he might be serious about finding someone. Whether the gys are serious or not, the whole point is for the audience to believe it. And a bartender at Earl’s? Aren’t these guys supposed to be financialy stable in careers that allow for a family? Ick.

  • SandraC

    Another white guy.. really?? AGAIN?? Why can’t we have some diversity! I’m a Caucasian- 29 year old women who has stopped watching the Bachelor USA years ago due to the lack of diversity- Sorry Bachelor Canada but you’ve lost me too

  • InscrutableTed

    I am “ethnic” and I’m embarassed by all the ethnic commenters here who are so desperate to be seen as fully assimilated pseudo-whites that they automatically oppose anyone who complains about racism.

  • Ria

    Oh please! I as an ethnic person am not opposing a complaint about racism I am saying that the race card is used far too easily by ethnic pple alot of whom are very racist themselves and if it were left up to them they would discriminate against pple of different backgrounds and that comes from personal experience! Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe ethnic females were not into applying to be on the show? Pseudo-white!?!…lol…You’re clueless and brain-washed if you think i’m not pround of my darker skin tone, i do not feel the need to think about to any great extent cause it is only one part of who i am and i choose to focuse on being a fair and decent human being not a chip on my shoulder about my colour

  • Karen

    We don’t have the Earls chain in Toronto do that statement made above is inaccurate.

  • JS

    Earl’s is at 150 King St West.. I think that is pretty downtown.

  • McDuck

    Oh Karen you must live in Etobicoke or Scarborough and only come downtown once a year for the Santa Claus parade. We most certainly have an Earls in Toronto, it is likely one of the busiest after work bars in the financial district. Anyone who lives anywhere near downtown has likely been there at one point or another and seen this guy bartending in between CFL tryouts.

  • Michelle

    Maybe it’s because we share the same first name, but I agree with Michelle N’s comments. It amazes me that the producers advised they were looking for accomplished women to be Bachelorettes, yet they chose a guy who is an ex-football player who was working downtown as a bartender. In response to an earlier comment – they have actually had two Bachelors that had a business interest in a winery. Andrew Firestone and Ben. Brad does have a degree from a good university: Queen’s. I’d be intrigued to find out what he took there.

  • Stephanie

    Any young male who is successful or trying to build a career would not take off time from their job to go on a relity show and look stupid….so they have to find someone who doesn’t have a “career” just my opinion.

  • Methinks


  • Kim

    This guy looks like a “capital D” Douche. Not that all the American counterparts didn’t as well, I just expected more since I’ve always viewed Canada and Canadians as being more interesting and diverse than Americans. Unfortunately, I fear that we’re all becoming the same. One big society that celebrates being screwed up, especially if you show just how pathetic you are on national television.

  • jeff316

    He’s a lame choice, but he hits the target demographic for the show square-on.

  • pretty peacock

    He’s ugly and nothing special. Why would girls try to fight over this guy lol?

  • Jane

    YOU GOT THAT HEADLINE BANG ON! Ria, in the 16 seasons The Bachelor has aired NOT ONE bachelor or bachlorette has been non-white. NOT ONE! Have you been to America? I can assure you that America is not only white people and that the viewers at home are not only white. So why does the show not reflect the country it is made in or watched in. The same goes for Canada. I stopped watching this manufactured and scripted “reality” show years ago because of their narrow vision and because they play into stereotypes and frankly I won’t watch a show that doesn’t have people in it that reflect my community and my country. (Oh, and by the way – I’m white – not that it should matter but I’m sure you are wondering) It is totally fair and valid to mention race and the face that the producers are excluding many people and only focusing on white people. It’s 2012 and this discrimination has got to stop. Or how about a bachelor or bachlorette who is a decent human being who would date people from other races – nope! They choose white people who only want to date white people. It is disgusting.

  • ashley

    What is wrong with you ppl? who cares if he is an ex foot ball player or if he works in a bar or who he slept with! None of that matters. thats the past and he is ready to settle down ppl do things when they are younger does that mean they cant find the one because of the choses that he made befor no all the power to you Brad hope works out for you.

  • jack

    why is being a bartender not acceptable-who are the rest of u that its a low job-