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The script for the new Ghostbusters III is in Dan Aykroyd’s truck right now

For everyone that has ever converted a backpack into a proton pack for Halloween (or on any other occasion—we’re not judging!) or had a certain theme song stuck in their head, we’ve got some news: Dan Aykroyd confirms that the script for Ghostbusters III in almost finished. In fact, he had it on hand when he spoke with the Canadian Press recently. “The script is in my truck, so that’ll tell you how close we are,” Aykroyd said during an appearance at an LCBO to promote his vodka line. The only problem: Bill Murray has yet to confirm he’ll participate in the sequel. “I don’t think any of us would do it if Bill said no,” Sigourney Weaver told in a recent interview. “Why would we do that? I think the whole point is to get together and have fun,” she said. Aykroyd mimicked Weaver’s sentiments yesterday, telling the Canadian Press that “[Murray] is certainly welcome to walk in the door anytime. We love him. And it’s hard to contemplate doing it without him.” Aykroyd will appear in the film to train a whole new crew and introduce a female ghostbuster into the mix because, unlike a reluctant Murray, he isn’t afraid of no ghost.

Dan Aykroyd says ‘Ghostbusters’ script almost done [Canadian Press]

  • BabaSali


  • Jace

    It’s PROTON pack, not photon. Get it right!

  • CaptainN

    He also wrote ” a certain theme song SUCK in their head.” As for the news I’ve been hearing it for years, even from Dan. And yet nothing has happened. I doubt the legitimacy of this news.

  • Jonathan

    Why would Mr. Aykroyd say that the script is in his truck? I bet that his insurance company just went poop in their pants. That is because the script is priceless at this point and is also covered in one of his clauses that is part of his screen plays that are written. That and someone might break into his truck to get it, or just take it and his truck.

  • Jenn

    No, this needs to never happen ever. this is going to ruin Ghostbusters. please for the love of god do not make a third one. JUST LEAVE IT ALONE.

  • Joshua

    I say do it with or without Bill and Sigourney. I mean obviously we’d all rather have them, but if it means no GB3, then obviously we need to redefine what we consider necessary. I always saw them as the two most likely to leave the bustin crew, anyway.

  • Steve

    I agree with the above poster that I’d *prefer* to see GB3 with Bill and Sigourney… but if they don’t want to come on board, then Dan Aykroyd and the rest should go ahead with the film anyway.

    Bill Murray is quite entertaining, but there are a ton of young actors and comedians who probably grew up watching GhostBusters and would be thrilled to sign up as the new crew that Aykroyd and the other original GBs will be handing the reins over to.

    GhostBusters 3 can be a great movie with or without Murray and Weaver.

  • Patrick

    I belive Dan Aykroyd 100%. Ghostbusters 3 Will happen with or without Bill Murray. Sigourney Weaver is my #1 Favorite Actress and if she isn’t in GB3 I Will see GB3 anyway with or without my #1 Favorite Actress and Bill Murray if they both arn’t in it! It’s Finally Happening and my Girlfriend/Wife and I Can’t Wait to see GB3 in 2013!!!

  • Jesus Lopez

    Let’s do it dany, ghostbusters 3 new logo, new soundtrack, new monsters, new weapons for busting, new toys, it’s awesome more than others fiction movies.

    Ghostbusters vs the ring,blair witch,freddy,jason,jeeper creepers,gozer,vigo,13 ghost,the devil.

    We afraid of no ghost. Come on dany go,go,go.

  • Daniel A P

    I say that Bill Murray must do this because He was the biggest star of that time hence him being the first actor mentioned however if He does not that would close out his career in shame. I say if He does shame himself like this for whatever reason Dan should have Woody Harrelson do it.

  • Daniel A P

    I would watch this and have anticipated it since I was a wee lad in the 80s

  • powellskier

    Bill SHOULD come back! But as a ghost…

    What do you think?