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The CBC thinks we’re fat

Taylor, B.C., is the Village on a Diet (Image: CBC)

The CBC’s winter TV lineup was announced late last week, and despite the departure of “give the people what they want even if it’s total pap” head honcho Richard Stursberg, the network is continuing down the crowd-pleasing path. Though much of the programming will remain the same as this fall—Republic of Doyle, 18 to Life and Little Mosque on the Prairie all return—there are two new noteworthy shows.

The first is a new half-hour action-comedy called InSecurity (formerly known as The B-Team), which follow the exploits of a bumbling team of spies who seek to protect Canada “one mistake at a time.” Then there’s Village on a Diet, generously billed as a “docu-series” that chronicles the trials and tribulations of the residents of Taylor, B.C.—one of Canada’s fattest towns—as they try to shed serious poundage.

The network will also air Pillars of the Earth, a miniseries based on the book by Ken Follett that aired previously on HBO Canada.

It’s a short list, and the Globe’s John Doyle says it reveals just what the CBC thinks of us Canadians. He summarizes it thusly: “You’re overweight. You eat garbage food. You’re a slacker. You don’t get enough exercise.” While this may be true, we think a lineup that boasts little more than some 3-D hockey games and a Canadianized Biggest Loser implies that it’s not just our physiques the CBC disrespects, it’s our intelligence.

CBC winter season focuses on Canadians’ health [CBC]
Your public broadcaster’s been looking at your flabby butt [Globe and Mail]

  • Erin

    59% of adults and 26% of children in Canada are obsese. Obesity is a growing epidemic with serious health
    repercussions. As insulting to our intelligence as it may be; something needs to be done about this!

  • Blogonista

    Well. CBC is right…North American society is badly overweight. I think the problem is deeply rooted in the culture itself – just look at the portion size at the restaurants! I remember eating at a chain resto in Texas earlier this year – we’ve shared 1 (one) portion between three people and all were full!

  • Sherbs

    Don’t get offended; consider it constructive criticism.

  • EM

    Um. I fail to see what the issue is? I’ve read this article twice, and I still don’t get it. So what? Any person with half a brain knows we should focus more on health as a country – Bravo to the CBC for airing a show like that.

  • Twenty_Twenty

    Is the author of this article obese and ergo down on the CBC? I applaud the CBC for raising our awareness about a bunch of losers.

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  • Yan

    Sloan (awesome)Sam Roberts (Detroit 67 appropriate!)The New Pornographers (awesome)Metric Elliott Brood (coming in April)Tokyo Police ClubConstatinesA.C. NewmanFeist(go big, or go home!) Use the prkniag lot, or the waterfront! This could be the start of a great Canadian Music Concert on the edge of the USA lets show our neighbors to the North that we can rock here in Canada!