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Trailer Park Boys creator threw out 2005 Gemini award after watching this year’s ceremony

Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenberg thinks the Gemini awards are trash, literally. After watching Sunday’s 25th annual Gemini awards for the best in Canadian television, Clattenberg picked up his own 2005 Gemini, carried it out to the curb, and plunked it down like the rest of his garbage. Then he took to Twitter to announce his actions: “Don’t know how it happened but my Gemini is out on the street. Seriously it’s there if you’d like one for yourself,” he tweeted.

Clattenberg has a long list of complaints about the awards show, but topping it is the fact that Canadians voted for the home reno show Holmes on Homes above his own Trailer Park Boys. This year, audience members were encouraged to vote for their favourite Canadian television show of the past 25 years. Degrassi topped the list, with Holmes on Homes coming in sixth and Trailer Park Boys finishing 12th. Sure, we could call Clattenberg a sore loser, but we agree with him. Holmes on Homes? Come on! He’s also miffed Holmes beat out other legendary Canadian programs, like The Kids in the Hall and The Beachcombers.

The award didn’t sit curbside for long. A loyal Trailer Park fan by the name of Neil Raynsford saw the tweet and drove by to pick it up. He says he’s planning to show off the golden award around town, “Just like the way the hockey players take around the Stanley Cup.” At least there’s one guy in Halifax who’s happy with his Gemini award, even if his involvement in the television industry is limited to cheering when Bubbles shotguns a beer.

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